Moel Ty Uchaf and an ingredient for the wand

Moel Ty Uchaf and an ingredient for the wand
Moel Ty Uchef

Moel Ty Uchaf

Llandrillo or Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle is one of the best (energetically speaking) ones that we have visited. However our visits to it are sparse because of the humongous climb to get to it. It’s a challenge to even put it on the agenda. However it had called to me a few days ago and although I’m not in peak physical condition I relented and suggested it to Chris. He of course agreed immediately since it would be an ideal place for a quest that he is on.

Memories of the three stage climb returned to me as I got out of the car. Here we go again I thought. It had been at least three years since I had made the journey up this mountain and I had been a lot fitter then. Still, needs must, so I took up my pack and off we went.

One of the things that has now become standard operating procedure for me is to have an intuitive feel around a place I am visiting for some helpful energy/beings. As we set off, I did this and got an immediate connect to the Genius Loci of the sacred place on high. I got a vision of drawing up energy from the earth and using that to replenish mine as it was used up in physical exertions. Thus as I walked I visualised buckets of energy (as if from a well) rising up out of the earth and filling me up.

However after only a few minutes of this another message came through…

“don’t do it that way, you will drain yourself…just set it up and forget it.”

This was a new one on me, however I wasn’t going to argue and so that’s exactly what I did. We climbed in earnest and at any time I thought that fatigue would catch up with me, but to my surprise (and I have to say delight) it didn’t. In fact, I recalled that the last time I had visited this place, I had got to the top and collapsed in exhaustion for about twenty minutes. This time I arrived at the top and as soon as I had put my pack to the ground, I was fine. Quite literally, I could have done the climb again, that was how fine I was.

I had just randomly walked to a place on the far side of the circle and put my bag there. Again, another SOP is to ask whether there was anything that I could do for the place? No. Was there anything I could learn here? No. Now that was a disappointing answer and frankly one that surprised me because I had been called here. 

I sat down and ate some lunch whilst considering this response. As I looked over to the circle I saw that Chris was beginning some work in the center and I watched him. It was only a few minutes later when I felt a shift in the energy of the place. Getting up I checked my questions again and this time got a wide big Yes to is there anything to learn here? It seems that I could only have worked at this place after Chris had done some work.

Later on I asked Chris what he had done only to be told that he had to open up the sacred place before he could do some work himself. Interesting…

As often happens, my place of preparation was also the place I had laid my pack. However, having sat there for some 15 minutes eating my lunch hadn’t constituted preparation probably because the intent was missing. So with some intention in mind, I stood in the place and became attuned to the energy of the place. Whilst also wondering…what would I learn here…

Opening up a Sacred Place

Opening up a Sacred Place

After a while, I took up the rods and followed them to a place of learning. At first they took me into the sacred circle and I noted that I went in the same anti-clockwise direction that Chris had. Doing a spiral into the center. After that, they took me out to the king stone.

Crown in Morocco

Crown in Morocco

An interesting thing occurred as I stood upon the king stone. In my mind a vision of my trip to Egypt returned and in particular the experience from the temple of the Hatshepsut. At this temple I saw the Queen rising from the earth and (with a touch to my Brow Chakra) had poured molten lava into my energy flow down through the chakras to settle in my Solar Chakra. A gift, she had proclaimed.

Here upon a windy hill in the midst of Wales, standing upon the King Stone, that vision had returned full force. As then, I didn’t know what it meant however it would play itself out during the rest of this day.

This experiential reminder seemed to conclude my stay upon the King Stone for I felt the need to move and I did. Following the rods to the edge of the hill. It was then that I noted again, that I had followed Chris’s path. He too had stopped at the King stone and then come to the edge of the hill. I looked out at the beautiful scape before me and pondered what learning would this majestic site have to offer. Yes, I did call it that, a majestic site.

In hindsight I feel that it was almost in reciprocal for describing the site as majestic that I was given a gift of such momentum. As I stood looking out I got a strong commune with the Genius Loci. An ingredient for my wand. Not only an ingredient but a location too!

Looking out into the distance, perhaps with notions of Queens and King-Stones. I was told to acquire a Crown as an ingredient for my wand. As is always the case, I wasn’t given any more description. However I was given a location…Morocco. The message in its simplest form said…

Gain a Crown in Morocco

 I stepped away from the edge of the hill stunned. Another ingredient! Another trip! Another mystery! Holy Zarquon Singing Fish! As I walked away from the edge I used the rods to confirm that my vision and the understanding of that vision were correct. They were, I had just been given another ingredient to the creation of this fabulous wand.

I spent some time making some field notes (sorry those words just bring back so many memories) and then I did a closing and gratitude ceremony. Lighting one single incense stick, which again I noted was Chris’s closing incense stick count too.

Going back to the place where I had left my bag, I saw a hand sized rock that was just begging to be taken with me. As you know, our life’s purpose is to move rocks from one place to another. I didn’t need to ask the rods to know that it should come with me. So I dropped it into my bag.

As we left the site, I queried Chris as to the compass point of the direction I had been looking out towards. He pulled his phone out and checked the compass…Due South he said…


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