Power object created

Power object created
Not the Actual Card

Not the Actual Card

I noticed today that I check the energies (and do some work if needed) more often than I clean my rooms. Not that my abode isn’t clean, you understand. Anyway, I was up bright and earlier than normal and had one of them urges to check the energies of my rooms. I grabbed the rods and threw them on to the bed as I went through my morning ablutions.

Note: I threw the rods on the bed to avoid the SEP (Somebody Else’s Problem) field. This is a phenomena that both Chris and I have observed in ourselves, in each other and in the world at large behaviour. Simply put, there seems to be some aversion to doing energetic work on oneself or ones own area of living. We haven’t explored it at length as “IT” itself suffers from the same phenomena. 

All that done, I grabbed the rods and asked whether there was any new or different changes in energy that were worthy of note. Again, I have to add the worthy of note bit because the energies in any environment change hourly, if nothing else, I have a very active Genius Loci in my rooms.

The rods said Yes and directed me to a picture-post card (see image). Now, I bought this card for a friend of mine a couple of months ago and though she has seen it and knows that it is for her, I haven’t as yet given it to her. When she asked why, I had said…

“I’m waiting to find out what I will write in it”

It was an odd remark and one that I didn’t think of before hand. It just popped out of my mouth and there it was. Since that time and this, I’ve picked it up with the intention of delivering, and then put it back down again…not the right time…Then at other times, I’ve thought of something and considered it to be a good quote or saying to write in it. But then was stopped by my intuition again. Indeed, one might say that I was having a curious relationship with this card/gift. Or that I have too much time on my hands!

In any case, this morning I was led to the card. Perhaps its time to give it to my friend? I thought as the rods clinked over the card. Something energetically speaking had changed. What was it I wondered? In my previous explorations of my rooms, I had not been directed to the card at all. It’s not that I assumed it had no energetic significance, it was that I never even considered. Yet, here I was, standing over it with the rods. Something was up.

  • Had anything changed in the energy of this object? Yes
  • Had it any significance when I bought it? No
  • Had it changed today or over a period of time? Period of time.
  • Had it changed for the (ecological) better? Yes

Note: Ecological is my term for holistic best for all concerned, now and in the future

  • Was it taking in energy? Yes?
  • Had it reached some threshold? Yes
  • Was it ready to give to my friend? No
  • Was it now giving off energy? Yes
Secret Life of Inanimate Objects

Secret Life of Inanimate Objects

That last question came with its own little intuitive kick. I explored the energy that was coming from the card. There were two lovely spirals emanating from it. One went out of the window and into the garden of flowers, the other went over my bed. Both female aligned energies.

  • Had I anything to do with the energies that were being taken in and being given off? Yes.

I wondered for a while as to what, how and why. Of course you know that this is where your intuition has to kick in, mine was being a bit lazy today. So I asked that beautiful question that I found a couple of years ago…

  • Is there anything that can help me to understand what is going on? Yes! Brilliant!
  • Take me to it!

I was taken to a set of books that I have in my rooms, Most of them are in a storage locker, but occasionally I go and change my working set. The rods selected a book that I had only last week retrieved from storage…the secret life of inanimate objects… It was authored by one of my favourites, Lyall Watson.

That book is filled to the brim with stories about…you guessed it…power objects. What a surprising coincidence that I was taken to that book. I have read it many times and found it to be the catalyst of new nuggets of wisdom. But the book, in its entirety didn’t add to my understanding of what was going on here, with the card. So I asked…

  • Can I be directed to a section/page within the book? Yes

I binary navigated through the book to a page here is what it talked about…Stradivari (the maker of the famed Stradivarius violins) was known to keep the violins in his bedroom for a month after completion. Where according to this books understanding, it (the violin) gathered in the spirit (energy) of the maker. The energies of a home that had two loving and fulfilled marriages…

Interesting…the energies of Antonio Stradivari were captured within his creations before they were shipped into the world. Was I being told that some of my energies were being captured within this card?

  • Are some of my energies being captured in this card? Yes
  • Is it because of the intention of needing/wanting to choose something to write? Yes
  • Was it anything else? Yes

The anything else I’m afraid is lost. I couldn’t ask a question that would get me an answer. But the knowledge so far was astounding…

The card had been imbued with a resonance of my desire and intention. Which had caused it to become a power object and begin to give off spirals of energy. I am sure that it’s not the end of this tale. Is anything ever the end?

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