Protection, Infection, Aura and Environment

Protection, Infection, Aura and Environment

I have often been told that I am a veritable expert in the field of energy. I have to laugh, and say, “if only you knew…” Like all of us, I get caught out and like all of us, I get caught out often. Indeed, like all of us…you get the picture.

I was visiting a very dear friend of mine who had just returned from a trip to visit her family. I knocked on her apartment door and was let in. She was busy in the kitchen and so I went into the living room. Almost upon entering the apartment I felt this truly powerful wave of stuffyness. As I had walked into, what back in the day, we would have called a pea-souper.

Fog of Confusion

Fog of Confusion

It was a profound state of energetic muddyness. So much so that I immediately instigated a layer or two or three of protection around me. It was no good. Within seconds my own aura had been infected with this fog. To protect myself at this stage was to enclose myself with the negative energy.

Note: You know how after a thunderstorm there is this wonderful feeling in the air. Science says it’s the negative ions. I won’t argue with that. But the feeling is just fabulous isn’t it? Well this, was the opposite of that. It was fog that pushed in on you in an oppressive way.

As I walked into the living room, I saw the nightmare of Feng Shui practitioners. Talk about an explosion occurring. Everything was…everywhere. As I sat down I attempted again to recover some semblance of energetic wellbeing. I failed again.

You might be wondering as to why I didn’t try to clear the energy of the place. Simple, I didn’t have the threshold and was unable to affect major changes in the place.

Fortunately I did have my ever-present kit with me and I looked in my bag for something useful. I found a long slab of Selenite, favoured for cleansing. I took it out and began to move it up and down my body, in essence to clear my aura. It worked. After a few moments I was beginning to feel the localised results. I continued until the headache I had been feeling diminished. I wondered whether I could use the crystal to do a core cleanse and renew.

The visualisation is simple. It begins by going deep into yourself…to the core…once you have reached that place, know that you haven’t, there is a secondary core even deeper, so strive to reach that core. You know you have, when you feel you can create a well-spring of energy from it. This you do and you slowly explode that energy outwards into your first core and then into the second, which includes your aura.

I did this and after a few moments of focus and attention I was able to bring about some semblance of order to my aura. The environment and my friend however were not so lucky. One of the key ingredients in working with another or an environment is the gaining of permission. At least from a white lighter point of view. If you don’t gain that, your power is severly limited and since my friend insisted on being fine I could not affect either.

I have been in my friends apartment on a few occasions and the energy hasn’t been this bad before. So I was puzzled as to how it had got into this state. Of course I wanted to use my dowsing rods but but that would have broken the law – so to speak. So I had to go on intuition and basically asking my friend. Here then is my understanding of what had occurred.

My friend – on that day – had returned from a visit to relatives abroad. That visit had not gone too well which had left her in a dire emotional state. This had then leaked into her environment resulting in the said fog of oppression. The disarray of her apartment – which was obviously caused by her mental state – had exacerbated the energetic state further.

The questions have to be asked…was the visit that bad? What state was my friend in to leak this amount of energy? Did she feel the effects of the fog? What did she do about it?

All very interesting questions. However you have to appreciate that people who are not energy aware put all sorts of reasons to the fore as to what the cause and remedy are.


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