Visions of a magician at the Wizards Wood

Visions of a magician at the Wizards Wood

The night and early morning had been spent in the land of the mystics. Opening the gates of the heart using Zikr and Sema. The result was a good day of sleep, but this then meant an evening of wakefulness. When I awoke from my slumber around 4 in the afternoon I had a yearning for more adventure or specifically for the quiet of a wood. Immediately the Wizards Wood came to mind and I was off without hesitation. An hour later I was walking amongst the dear trees of that magical forest.

Folly Stone Circle Alderley Edge

Folly Stone Circle Alderley Edge

After walking about for a while and letting the spirit in me greet the spirit in the forest. I brought out the rods and pondered the question of whether there was any reason to my visit. The rods gave an immediate YES. and I followed there direction. Now as you may know, there is a folly stone circle in the wood and one that Chris and I investigated a long while ago. Although it has (had at that time) some energies of note within it. We found that these were not of use to us and since that time left it alone.

However on this occasion the rods led me, in there round-about-way, to the fake stone circle. I stood within the circle, rather surprised by the position I was in. I double checked the rods and they confirmed that this was indeed the place where I needed to be. Was it a place of preparation I asked, no. I didn’t need any preparation. I kind of agreed with that, after all, last night was an amazing set of experiences that should have set me up for anything. So I sat within the circle (fake though it was) and opened myself up to commune…

A magician who creates his own worlds?

It was Caileach, I have to say that it has been an age and an age since I had heard her voice, although of course it had only been a few months since she admonished me and pronounced that she would merge with me to bring about the teaching of patience. Even as this thought occurred to me, another entered my mind…share your aura? Isn’t that what the higher-self of my friend had said. Merge with me…share your aura? A sudden suspicious thought occurred to me. Was Caileach behind that too?

All I sensed from Caileach was an enigmatic smile. She wasn’t going to answer that question. But it stuck in my mind as something to worry about later. My thoughts flicked back to the Goddess. 

Finally you have become that which you were named.

A magician who creates his own worlds? It was a name that I had been given in these very woods. A long time before I met her. Again, I sensed her smile. She was projecting it at me. As you know from previous posts, you don’t look Caileach in the eyes.

I felt the size of the Goddess increase, she was becoming bigger than the circle, taller than the trees and finally when she had reached a sufficient size for her task. She took the energy of the circle and slowly turned it in a spiral.

The wheel turns back to its beginning

Beginning? Tara, Ireland, the place where I had first heard the crow screech CAILEACH! Chris and I had been planning a trip to that place this Solstice, two weeks away. Was she predicting our visit.

The Goddess, still an enormous size, although I felt, not in the shape of a the alluring woman slammed her fist(?) into the circle and it shattered. Of course it didn’t shatter in this world, but in the world of energy it shattered and symbolically I felt that she had shattered the spiral. What did it mean? I pointed my question at the Goddess but she wasn’t forth coming. With the echo of her strike still in my ears and my energy she said…

Bring your question to me at Tara

What question? The sacred journey always leaves you feeling fulfilled and yet empty. The emptiness comes from the knowledge that you will always have more questions than answers. I recently explained it to a friend thus…

Imagine a cup that has water pouring into it. Imagine that the water is answers to questions that you ask. You would think that no matter how big the cup, eventually, slowly but surely it would fill up. There is a problem though with this magical cup. The more water that pours into it, the bigger it gets.

I thought that with her mysterious pronouncement Caileach had gone, but she hadn’t. All she had done is return to her normal human sized stature. She pointed off into the woods.

Blue Mosque Istanbul

Blue Mosque Istanbul


I looked in the direction that she had pointed and back at her in puzzlement. What? was what I was about to say, when I made that fatal mistake and looked into her eye. Boom! I was lost. The world swirled and twirled reminiscent of the mornings whirling within it I got a grasp of a vision…

Consciously I don’t recall ever having seen a picture of the blue mosque. I have heard of it and know people who have visited it, but I haven’t had that privilege but more importantly, had never seen it. However the image in my mind that I got quite clearly was of the Blue Mosque. It was as if the image of the building was synaesthesing with my language center and creating the words blue mosque. I came out of my reverie as if I was drunk punch only to hear Caileach’s last words in my mind…


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