Can you speak with the dead?

Can you speak with the dead?
Is there anybody there?

Is there anybody there?

I am in a quandary of sorts. In a previous post I told of the revelations and revolution of thought surrounding my ancestry. Now here is the thing. Back where my folks are from ancestry is recorded orally, in the minds of living people, passed on from generation to generation.

My mum would have been a great source of such knowledge as she was one of them types who could tell you about relations and the ships between them to the nth degree. Alas she passed from this earth some years ago, which leads me to my quandary.

Having returned from the above trip I was eager to learn about my ancestry, but not recent ancestry, I’m talking going back a few hundred, if not thousands of years. I tried a few relatives and got exactly no where! However my sister said something interesting… You talk to me mum don’t you? Why don’t you ask her?

She was semi serious and joking too. She knew that I dreamed about my mum on occasion and have had lengthy dream conversations with her. But they were dreams, right?

Now, I have talked with the ‘dead’ (note the quotes) before, in the form of shades. But these have generally not been very helpful or indeed knowledgeable given that they are, well, remnants of the being. I have reported here my lack of belief in spirits and yet also reported a very rare few times when I’ve communed with what might be described as spirit. Still, that bridge is one that I am still on, in terms of believing in it, so to speak.

There are I am sure other beings that could be persuaded to impart the needed knowledge, which actually just let me state here…

  • Where is my ancient ancestry?
  • Was the magician (see this post) my direct ancestor?
  • Do I need to go on some kind of ancestral quest (see Chris’s many posts on this)?
  • Why do I need to? (Assuming I do)
  • What will the quest entail?

So these are the questions that are currently on my mind, I’m sure the list will expand. Back to my quandary then. I could of course attempt to summon the (“a” is more appropriate) shade of my mum, but that would be so disrespectful in my humble eyes. I could try to commune with her spirit (whatever that is) and see if I can garner any information that way.

You might be wondering as to why I don’t look up the history of the area, i.e. where Pakistan is. Since of course that is just a recent construct. The answer is simply a matter of dates. I know from my Dragon Lore that the dragons vanished around 1100’s ish (alas the post on the matter is lost or may not have even been written) so the question I want to know is, where did my ancestors live. Once I have more data on that score I can begin looking more geographically speaking, if I need to go there (on a quest).

I lay on the ground at the feet of my mums grave and simply asked the question…and fell asleep. I dreamed of magicians, Aladdin (funnily enough), Sinbad and other Arabian nights. I flew (on a magic carpet) across a huge land and many ancient cities. Persia! That was the name of the empire. But which city?

Ancient Persian Empire

Ancient Persian Empire


As I have mentioned before, I have this odd ability to shape my dreams. That is what I did here…which city? But my carpet wouldn’t respond. It just flew over the empire and it finally came to me. My ancestors were nomads. Roaming across all of what used to be the Persian empire. Lands that ranged from Turkey to the borders of India and from Egypt to Southern Russia. A vast land to be sure.

I awoke up and found that two hours had passed! Wow! But now I had some starting point, although vast as it was. The Persian empire. The question that lingered in my mind as I let the graveyard was…did I commune with the spirit of my mother?

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