Summer 2015 – P6 – Three Winds

Summer 2015 – P6 – Three Winds

After spending a delightful lunchtime in the company of our Irish hosts Regina and David, we set off again heading for a site which we had visited before – Knockbrach – a hill which we knew had a ‘fort’ on top. David, however, wanted to show us some other structures on the hill that we might not have known about. How exciting! What were these structures? Regina drove us to the foot of the hill and we tumbled out into the summer sunshine, yet clothed against the cool wind.

Drawn to one side

As we walked up, chatting and enjoying the spray of summer flowers creating fan patterns as they flowed in chorus with the breeze, there was an increasing sense of increasing our senses. Everything was being heightened as we climbed. Their “yellowness” was commented on, considering my experience at Fourknocks mound.

Knockbrach - June 15 (2)

Beautiful yellow wild flowers at Knockbrach Hill

Half way up we stopped. Regina had sensed something and was taking an interest in a climb of bushes on the hillside to our left. We noted it, and said that we would return once the “main event” was over.

At the top of the hill David guided us off the main path which led towards the tall radio mast, and instead we veered left into another field. Here, he said, were some ancient mounds that might be interesting.

We made our way gingerly through the wheat field, walking in the tracks and taking a great deal of care not to trample the crop as we picked our way across towards the first of the mounds. At the first mound everyone stopped, but I sensed that I needed to be at the other, father but nearby mound which was of equal size. David mentioned that there would have been more features at one time, and that this formed part of a settlement area.

Knockbrach - June 15 (6)

I was the only one who wanted to go to the farther mound, and I picked my way through the young green wheat crop to get to it. The dowsing rods then showed me where I needed to be sitting in order to have a spiritual experience in this place – the most energetically appropriate place for me to be. It just happened to be the spot with the finest view, too.

Knockbrach - June 15 (4)

From this wind-drifted vantage point I was sitting with a view of Lambay Island off the coast of Dublin, the Dublin valley area (“The Naul“), and the Gullion mountain range far to the north, up in County Monaghan. I sat and got into a meditative state of mind with a single directive, “What is my quest for the next part of the year?”

The delivery of a new quest

I sat waiting. I began to tune out the normal world by letting my energy body dissolve into the elements around me. Soon I felt as though I was merging with everything around me. I and the land were one. The sounds of the birdsong was in me. The movement of the air was through me.

My question hung with potential, an ethereal presence pregnant with expectation. Then, as though delivered by Oghma himself, a thought began to form.

Knockbrach - June 15 (5)

  • The winds appeared before me, three separate winds combining but different
  • They winds came down from the mountains in the North, from the sea to the East, and combined with one in the fields to flow through the valley below
  • They each had different ‘types’: a seas breeze, a mountain gust and a plains wind
  • I have to learn each wind’s “song” – three different wind languages

I had my new quest. I was happy, although, as usually happens when I’m given just a snippet to work from I knew I would need to find further explanation of what a wind’s “song” or “language” was, but that would come in time. I returned to the group, and we agreed that this was an interesting place.

Shelling the Fort

While I was on the top of the hill I took the chance to wander off to the fort that I visited last time. On my last visit I had spent time putting up an energetic defence against the effects of the radio mast’s emissions so that the spirits of the place had some relief from its effects. I don’t know why shades and spirits are effected by these waves, but that was what I had to do last time, and this time I was being invited to do so again. So I did.

I re-worked the energetic shield. This time, being much more accomplished an energy-worker than when I last visited, it took only moments for me to do the same work. In fact, I would say that this time the effects will last a lot longer than my previous work. It was very satisfying to feel the relief of the ‘inhabitants’ and the strength of the construction – to be able to compare the same work over time.

Knockbrach - June 15 (8)

As we walked back down the hill Regina and David went off to investigate the “feature” that she had noticed on the way up. Kal and I joined them to find that they had discovered a spring! It was flowing even though it hasn’t rained for a while. We all felt this was an energetically significant feature.

Knockbrach - June 15 (9)

It would now be known as “Regina Spring“. No doubt someone will come along and re-designate it in the name of the monarch or some other orthodoxy soon enough!


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