When the dowsing rods say YES

When the dowsing rods say YES
Good Omens

Good Omens

As you will know, if you read this journal a lot, that I am pretty good with making decisions in my life based on what I read from the rods as well as the signs and omens. Here is a question though…

What do you do when the signs, omens and dowsing rods give you an unequivocal YES and your thinking and feelings are telling you, NO

The first thing you can do is question whether you are in a fit state to ask the question…to which the answer is Yes. Of course you could then ask whether you are in a fit state to ask even that question, which then becomes ad nauseum. At some point you have to say, I’m okay.

The next point of call is to ask whether you can actually ask the question you originally asked in the first place, to which the answer is Yes.

So that pretty much scuppers you as far as the dowsing goes. Now let’s turn to the Signs and Omens. Here you can consider whether you are reading the signs correctly. Also you can ponder whether the sign is indeed a sign in the first place. But you have that nagging feeling that if the rods are saying Yes then surely that validates or is validated by the signs, right?

See how circular you can get, indeed it’s a bit like when two people alibi each other. Where does your trust lie?

So let’s look at the opposing argument mlud. So your feelings and thinking are both pointing you towards a No. Can you trust your feelings? Feelings have all sorts of weird agendas behind them. Past experiences are a big one of course and most of these past experiences are sub-conscious to boot. So you don’t even know that there is an ice-berg beneath that emotion. Thinking is also circumspect isn’t it? One personals rational conclusion isn’t another persons. What then are we left with?

Signs, Dowsing and Omens Vs Feelings and Thinking

Of course you could try going down the Yes route for a while to see how things pan out. But that isn’t the sacred way is it. Sacred paths don’t do well in the world of “let me try it out for a while” That’s why, in my opinion, many spiritual followers come a-cropper – that notion of trying before you buy.

Let’s get personal, well to some degree at least.

I am in just such a situation. My emotions and thoughts are telling me NO, but the signs, omens and in particular the dowsing rods are saying a big YES. and I mean a BIG YES. I won’t go into the detail of what the query is, does it matter? It’s certainly very important in my life.

Have I decided which way to let fate (or is it destiny) fall? Yes I have. I have opted for the route of the signs, omens and dowsing rods. It may take some time for the situation to play out to a conclusion, at least of sorts. But I am ready to be vindicated or damned by my decision.

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