Mitchells Fold Machu Picchu and the Energy Double

Mitchells Fold Machu Picchu and the Energy Double
Looking down from Corden Hill

Looking down from Corndon Hill

The weather was looking great as we set off for Mitchell’s Fold. A sacred place that I love to visit because it is easily accessible. However before that, Chris wanted to go to the top of Corndon hill. We drove around the hill a few times trying to find a place that was close to the top and failed miserably. Looked like it was going to be a climb and a half. And that it was. I was shattered by the time we got to the top and the only lesson that was to be had on my part was that I was fitter than I thought. Also it was a place to prepare. Why such a place? The answer was to be revealed about 40 minutes later when we arrived at the sacred place that is, Mitchell’s Fold.

Both Chris and I followed the dowsing rods to the King Stone and whilst Chris had to do some work there, I was redirected around the stone and on into the sacred circle. I was so tired from my climb that even as the rods swirled over my place to work, I literally dropped to the ground and fell asleep. In fact so deep was my slumber that a couple came over and woke me to check if I was okay. I persuaded them that I was and I dreamed…

It was a dark night and the wind was bringing fresh rain in from the sea. I was stood within a sacred circle atop a hill. It was the Druids Circle. The rain beat down on me as I tried to hide among the stones. Finding some measure of shelter, I leaned in against the stone and attempted to commune with the Genius Loci. It took some time but I managed it.

In the distance, even with the gale that was blowing I heard the Song of my Energy Double. It was calling me from the South-West. I followed the tune as it took me across the Atlantic Ocean and to a pyramid in the Southern Americas. It was Machu Picchu. I recognised the famous outline immediately. My Double was sat upon the pyramid singing his song to attract me.

The above happened a few years ago and as I dreamed today at Mitchell’s fold the memory returned. Did I have to visit the ancient site I asked. No, I didn’t have to, but if I did. I would meet my double there upon the heights. “So,” I thought, What was significant about that? I had met my double on numerous occasions and in not so exotic locations. Then a really interesting and yet hard to comprehend idea flooded my mind. If you go there you will meet your double out of time. It was an odd understanding, but what it meant was this. I would be there in this time, but my double would be there in that time, the time when I was at the Druids Circle.

Mind-mangling I know, but that was what I was given. That if I go there, I would meet my double, back in time to when it sang to me.  I was also told that it would be a powerful encounter and one worthy of pursuing but strangely enough, not required. Phew!

What a wonderfully weird world we live in!

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