Lammas 2015 P4 The Energy of the Stone Row

Lammas 2015 P4 The Energy of the Stone Row

We were moving further back down the glen we had traversed when we arrived this Lammas August morning. Somehow, we had managed to drive right past a huge pair of stone rows, and we laughed at how Nature places these things in our attention just when we’re ready for them. Clearly, this was the right order in which to do things. Not the “nearest first” approach, which would be our “logical” sequence.

From Duncraigaig Cairn we followed the footpath through a channel of wild flowers and ferns until we emerged into an open field. Before us were two obvious stone rows: Ballymeanoch Stone Rows.

Balauchraig stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (19)

What was the best way to approach this abundance of megaliths? We had a stone circle and two stone rows to choose from! I opted for following the dowsing rods to help me decide, and they took me on a circuitous route around to the far side of two standing stones which I took to be an “entrance portal”. I needed to stop at the energetic barrier that I could feel between the stones, and which was acting as a form of gateway.

In the portal I got into a connected state. I felt the presence of faery, and it came to mind to acknowledge Bel and Titania – the king and queen of faery. I felt that this was the opposite side of their “opening” time of Beltane. This was the “closing time“. I wasn’t sure what that phrase meant at this point – it was something to do with acknowledging their movement towards being quiet for the Winter months – a sort of “end of the summer” feeling. Energy waning. A thanking them for the fruits of the summer. All those things were packed into this feeling, which made it so complex that I couldn’t’ express it clearly in words if I were given a whole book’s length to do so.

As we passed each other Kal mentioned that he sensed the presence of Faery here. A coincidence.

Ballymeanoch stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (6)

Ballymeanoch Portal stones

Moving through the entrance portal I was next taken towards the stone circle. Once I had found the correct entry point and was taken to the centre of the circle, I needed to collect a pyramid-shaped bundle of energy. This had to be wrapped in emotions of joy and love, expressed energetically and formed into threads which could wrap around and contain the pyramid gift.

Ballymeanoch stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (15)

Ballymeanoch stone circle

I felt the impulse to move off, and so dowsed for where to take this pyramid of energy. I took it to the portal stones where I released it, then watched as it spread across the four stones that constituted the bigger stone row. Again I dowsed for an energetic pathway along which I could approach the stone row.

I stood by the tallest stone. It was like I knew what needed to be done, like I was being guided. I knew that I needed to go to each stone from tallest to smallest and slap the centre of the stone on both sides simultaneously. I did so, and then watched in amazement as I “saw” the subtle energy forces emerge from each stone.

Ballymeanoch stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (8)

Ballymeanoch stone row

  • Stone 1 was a pulse like a snaking path
  • Stone 2 was a vertical sine wave
  • Stone 3 was a series of ringlets (double horizontal waves on both sides)
  • Stone 4 was a saw-toothed vertical wave

All four pulses of subtle energy were directed to the Temple Moon circle, where I knew that the energy would be waiting for me to arrive that night.

Ballymeanoch stones - Lammas 2015 (2)

Ballymeanoch stone row pointing towards Temple Moon circle

I was sending different forms of Sun energy (male subtle energy) through the stones along their alignment. I knew this to be one purpose to which stone rows could be put, and that this row in particular was used to do this long ago. Now, here I was re-discovering this phenomenon, even though I didn’t know how that would play out when I went back to the stone circle in the dark. We would see soon!


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