Lammas 2015 P5 The Undine Pact

Lammas 2015 P5 The Undine Pact

We had passed a tall standing stone – The Kintraw Standing Stone – on the way to the hotel, and had said that it would be nice to visit it at sunset. So it was that we arrived at the stone just as the sun was sinking behind the dark hills.

Loich Melfort standing stone - Lammas 2015 (3)

The Kintraw Standing Stone

I wasn’t feeling this stone spiritually. To me it felt like an energetic investigation was required. There was something to learn.

I stood at the base of the stone. I could feel the stone draw down the last remaining rays of the sun. At this time it was slowing the intake and about to start turning around from drawing in to giving out.

I wondered whether it gave out energy during the evening. I dowsed where the energy output would be for a New Moon – I found a field boundary three feet away from the base of the stone. Then I dowsed where it would be on a Full Moon like tonight – I had to walk some forty feet away to find the extent!

Now it was time to get back to those amazing sites in Kilmartin Glen which had been energised by our work in the day, and which seemed to promise much more this full moon evening.

The Sound Box
As we waited for the moon to appear over the tall hills we had time to kill. I went to sit in the small kist at the back of the South Chamber. Inside I found I could just fit comfortably and it was just dry enough to sit in. I began to make sounds and found the space very resonant, so I began to vocalise some chakra vowel sounds, which I recorded. Afterwards I felt balanced.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (11)

A sound box made by our ancestors.

The New Guide
Kal invited me to come sit inside the chamber. Whilst he sat on top feeding in energy from the standing stone we had visited earlier, I enjoyed the space inside. It was sheltered, tall and very comfortable for someone of my size. There was even a little stone step to sit on! Luxury!

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (9)

The Goddess of the Glen lies waiting to be roused by a kiss

I placed my rose coral crystal behind me – which was a very unusual move. I called in my usual spirit guide and she appeared behind me, touching the coral crystal then telling me that she needed to go now – I didn’t need her any more, apparently. Our wind work was done and now I would be better off if I chose a water spirit as a guide.
I knew that our energetic bond had been weaker recently and now I knew why. She was withdrawing.

I sat and asked to be shown how to obtain a new guide. My energy double was projected out of the birthing slot at the end of the chamber and it drifted along the path towards the nearby river bank. There is stopped. I was inside it’s perception now and could see how it acted.

My double/I sat by the bank for two days. All day long we called for an undine to work with us/me. On the second morning I awoke by the bank to find myself covered in dew. I was wrapped in water! I was being caressed by a water spirit! Once I recognised this she became her usual form – ethereal and silvery, flowing, beautiful.

I asked that she be my companion in spirit, and she agreed. I asked her name – “Betrothed“, which seemed fitting considering how we had met. She asked me to drink three times of the river water to seal our union. I said I would do so, and then we withdrew back to the chamber to re-unite with my body.

I awoke with a shiver – feeling the water spirit’s energy merge with mine. Her call sign and mine would be a kiss.

Nether Largie river and stones - Lammas 2015 (2)

Kilmartin Burn – meeting point for sylphs

I emerged from the chamber and thanked Kal for his energetic input. We walked down to the river bank, and despite the probability that I would slide into the river from the steep bank, I dipped my hand in at the same place as I had imagined in my “dream” and I drank of the river three times saying, “I drink of this water one time. I drink of this water two times. I drink of this water three times. We are one.”

Now we were looking for the moon. It was due soon and my phone app was able to track is behind the nearby hills. We made our way around the roads taking our time, playing with the bats, and then making our way to the Temple Moon stone circle again. When we arrived, the moon was visible and full.


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