Lammas 2015 P8 The Pink Knight and the Black Chamber

Lammas 2015 P8 The Pink Knight and the Black Chamber
Kilmartin Museum was excellent. Lots to see and very interesting for us as well, which is not often the case. I particularly like their outdoor exhibit demonstrating the alignment of the nearby megaliths with the sun’s position. A quirky little pedestal which I’m sure many will have overlooked.
Kilmartin Church and Museum - Lammas 2015 (46)

Alignment explanations at Kilmartin Museum

We decided we had enough time to visit the church too, although I’m not sure what to make of my findings! Alongside the church building was a smaller stone building housing an array of carved stones ranging from 1100 to 1717 in date. The third earliest stone (cracked) dowsed as being energetically worthwhile me investigating. So I did.
Kilmartin Church and Museum - Lammas 2015 (50)

Inscribed stones at Kilmartin Church

I held my hand on the stone and soon I was in meditative mind. As my thoughts withdrew a picture began to form. I saw a knight in armour with a broadsword cleaving his enemies. His status was obvious. He was a nobleman, possibly a tribal leader of this area. Then came a series of much gentler images of walks, flowers and then… being with other men!
I asked what we had in common – cautiously. I introduced myself as a druid. This was our link, apparently. He was interested in the Unknown, in the Western Mysteries. He showed me how he had to send others in his retinue to talk to the Druids in his day due to his status. He couldn’t be seen in such company.
With that.. the energy link faded. Either I was “out of fuel” or there wasn’t enough around in this place. We decided that was enough for today and that we needed to head home now. I can’t tell you how much Kal laughed when I told him this tale. I think he stopped giggling at some point past Penrith.

There is a kind of postscript to these tales. Do you remember that I said I would talk about a chamber we visited in the dark on the night of the full moon? Well, this is what happened.
Ri Cruin chamber
As we walked along the dark back lanes of Kilmartin Glen, waiting for the moon to rise, we saw a signpost to another megalithic site. Curious, even though it was not on the agenda, we took the footpath past the holiday cottages. Soon the path was bathed in the moonlight from the Blood Moon and we could see without needing any artificial light at all.

Ri Cruin chamber

We followed a raised earthwork path, and arrived at the chamber a few minutes later. We read the sign. The chamber was listed as being Bronze Age, and it was described as a burial chamber. Enough of that – we started to make preparations for approaching the site.
I put up some strong protection, but I did so with a faint feeling of the beginning of a headache. Hmmm… that is always a sign that there is strong energy, for sure, but usually it is also a sign that the energy is not compatible with my own. I looked to Kal. In the moonlight I could see that he was also not very happy, but I left him to his own devices. I didn’t want to go any nearer. Seemingly, neither did Kal, as he skipped around the outskirts.
We chatted briefly and concluded that this was energy that we couldn’t stand for long. Now I wanted to know why. I re-doubled the protection, and then tried to get some assistance with finding information out about the place.
My new water spirit guide came to me and offered me some insights into the place:
  • it was used for burial in the Bronze Age
  • the energy was very strong here, but completely incompatible with our energies
  • the energy field was made by a group of people who are much more powerful than we are

I enquired about what type of beings could have made this energy field, and who were much stronger than the both of us. The feeling I got was that not only should I not enquire, but actually I should get the hell out of there soon-ish. That was all I needed to know. The looming sense of being overwhelmed by the energy here was gathering, nearing and rising.

We quickly agreed to get out, and after offering our respects we vanished into the moonlit night, never to return. That was the end of our Lammas quest – the unusual bits. It would be the last combined sacred outing that we did. I will miss Kal terribly when I go out. My love goes with him, wherever he is.


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