Anglesey Megalithic Tour 2015 P2

Anglesey Megalithic Tour 2015 P2

In the second part of my Anglesey Megalithic Tour story we are heading out along the northern coast of the island in search of more wonderful sites. We’re now back on the agenda, and so the next destination is the Soar Stone.

We chased the edges of the deep rain clouds which had been flirting with us all day long. For some reason we were being spared the rain that everyone else on the mainland was getting. The sun travelled with us.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (20)

Between sun and rain on the Anglesey Megalithic Tour 2015

The Soar Stone – Standing stone – Llanfaethlu, LL65 4NL

We parked at the recently renovated Black Lion Inn just outside of the village on the A5025. I have to say – they’ve done a fantastic job with the place! It looked modern, yet inviting. I think it may well be the stopping point for future tours of the island. Now, I don’t just take people to places I like. The Soar Stone and I are quite incompatible, yet it was on the agenda due to its huge subtle energy power. I might not like it, but I respected it!

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (53)

The girls bask in the male power of the Soar Stone

I invited everyone to use the technique for approaching this site as they would with any other – feel for the boundary; find an entry point; wait and ask for permission; enter and do what feels natural. Some of the girls couldn’t resist jumping into the field and touching the stone. They were feeling the immense male energy line that passes through the stone along its flat edges.

By now the group were starting to ask questions like, “Where would the line go to?” and “Why would the stone be positioned here?”. All good questions, and I invited them to try to discover their own answers by meditating with the stone. That, and some serious map reading, might reveal the answers they were wanting!

As I have found with other male-line standing stones the energy is being directed towards a place of military significance. If the line is traced on a map the energy is being pointed to a fort on the west coast at Porth Trefadog and extending through a tumulus and an old church ending close to the mouth of the River Gogh on the east side of the island near Dulas.

5. Lligwy Village – ancient village – Moelfre, LL72 8NH

Parking for the Lligwy sites is easy, thankfully. At this time of year we had the place to ourselves as well. The sun was beginning to move down towards the horizon and the shadows were extending, yet still we were bathed in sunlight. Only a few miles away dark purple rain clouds hung menacingly.

We walked to the ancient village complex and the attendees seemed immensely impressed by the size and the lovely shape of the sites in this complex. “Complex” became the word that everyone used once we began to tune in. I asked the visitors to find a place where they felt drawn to, and then to spend time trying to tune into the people who had once lived here.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (57)

Finding your own power spot at Din Lligwy

Everyone split up going their separate way, but some ending up in the same locations eventually. we all did a silent but powerful meditation in which the spirits of the inhabitants made themselves known to all of us. everyone concluded that the site was chock full of spirits, layers of inhabitants interacting. Many had visions of the daily life of the people who lived here, whereas others had more intimate encounters.

What I found particularly interesting was that some met with the “chief” – the apothecarist who I knew as St Julian.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (59)

Meeting the ancestors in Din Lligwy complex

When we had finished in the village people wanted to visit the church nearby. I had never noticed it as being particularly energetically significant, but we had time before we lost the light and it did look beautiful in the setting sun, and so we stopped for a photograph. I still felt nothing from it, but it looked pretty.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (18)

6. Lligwy Chamber – chambered dolmen –  – Moelfre, LL72 8NH

Lligwy chamber was our final destination on the tour. It was about 6pm, and we had been out since 10am. I could feel that energies were flagging. The turmoil of the spirit forces in the village complex, on top of the many types of sites we had visited already, meant that people were beginning to feel physically, mentally and energetically jaded. Which is exactly why I had left Lligwy until last. I knew that we could re-generate, re-energise, at this fabulous structure.

We used the same approach method – boundary, entry point, ask permission, find your own power centre, do what you felt was right. I hardly needed to say anything – everyone just got on with it. Soon various groupings wanted to try sitting inside. Others wanted to work outside. I showed them the feature about walking around the chamber when there were people inside. When the insiders emerged they couldn’t believe that there had been only four people outside – it had sounded like a tribe! We had intoned up through the vowel sounds getting higher and higher. As the insiders emerged they were beaming with wide smiles – re-energised! It had worked.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (65)

When everyone had had a go at sitting inside I stepped up onto the capstone. Everyone wanted to come join me, and it was a wonderful moment where everyone came together as one group. It was a grand finale as the sun set and the day cooled. Spirits were very high and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Anglesey Megalithic Tour - Sept 15 (32)

The marvellous Spirit In Nature meditation group on a megalithic tour

A big thanks to the meditation group for making my first tour such a success and an enjoyable experience. I look forward to doing more of these tours next year. I have plans for Derbyshire, Cumbria and Wiltshire. If you would like to come along too, then post a comment and I’ll use your registered e-mail address to add you to the mailing list.


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