Passing the Violet Flame

Passing the Violet Flame

Not all my stories are epics divided up into shorter snippets. Here’s a snippet from my druidic spiritual life that is just a slice in time when the next stage of my work gets enacted.

If you remember from previous posts (St Germain) I had been invited to pass on The Violet Flame, which is an energy that is linked with the ascended master St Germain, and which I associate with the Crown Chakra energies. For me it symbolises a deeper spiritual connection. The Violet Flame can act as a means to unblock that can inhibit the free flow of this celestial or spiritual connection.

This blog has a good explanation of how to heal the crown chakra: Earth Energy Healings


In case you need an image of violet flame

I was having a spa day – massage, jacuzzi, swimming, relaxing. Having left it until the last moment to book it (through a series of complex events which seemed to weave themselves into a moment of serendipity) it turned out we had the whole day to enjoy the spa right in the heart of Manchester. Ha! M had been through her bamboo massage treatment, and now it was my turn.

I was thoroughly enjoying the experience, but as I lay there being pummelled and rolled my attention kept being drawn to the young lady who was doing the work. She was clearly ill, and so I asked why she was in work when she was so obviously ill. She responded that due to the proximity to Christmas and the lack of other staff she HAD to come in, and besides she only stayed off if her left leg was actually falling off. I liked her attitude.

Then it occurred to me. Here she was releasing my physical aches and inducing an almost spiritual sense of bliss, and yet how many times did she get “worked on” herself? I decided to check. Not at all, she replied. Right. Then as I lay here I could do something to help. I could pass on some of the Violet Flame energy. I checked with my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides. There was no resistance to the idea. In fact, I felt like I was being invited to do so.

Connecting to land sea and sky

Connecting to land sea and sky

I began to connect with the usual source – Earth, Sky, Land, Sun Moon. Many of these sources felt weak, especially as I was in the heart of a city, yet together they were sufficient for me to feel a multifarious connection. I drew from each to power my intent and soon I was aglow with the Violet Flame.

As the young lady worked through her hands I passed the violet chakra energy back up through that circuit. As it began to flow into her I saw an empty grey spiral at her centre. The violet energy was flowing into the spiral filling it back up until it was full and glowing. It may not have stopped her sniffing but I felt it would very soon do her some good. I suspect she doesn’t often consider replenishing her energies in this way, not putting up any protection against her clients’ energy fields. She felt totally open when I was there. How many of these holistic therapists do the same! I’m astonished at their openness!

I really must begin to teach these workers about their valuable subtle energy and how to work with it without diminishing themselves. But that’s for another day.


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