Cailleach and The Mesa Luna Amulet

Cailleach and The Mesa Luna Amulet

Not all my visions come about as a result of a visit to a megalithic site. I do some work with a group of lovely people who attend my outdoor meditation sessions during the Summer months. When the group isn’t meeting during the Winter then some of these friends come around to work with me in a more social context, and this affords us the chance to try different meditation methods.

By a beautiful coincidence the evening that we meditated was also a full moon. The omens were auspicious, and the energy of the evening matched it perfectly. The group were lovely (as usual) and when I suggested a meditation we all got stuck in – incense was lit, and a candle was placed in the centre of the group as a focal point for anyone who wanted it. I did. I got totally drawn into the flame, and soon I was away! Deep into the Otherworld, and far away.

In the world of the flame I broke through into a warm space in my mind. Soon a dialog with a welcoming presence was beginning. I wasn’t sure who it was, but it felt Otherworldly, yet somehow familiar. Female. Moon-related. I let the feelings and attendant thoughts slip past in order to create the space needed for communication.

The Moon and Cailleach

I got a name forming in my head space: “Cailleach Mohera“. The first part was familiar, of course, but the second part wrinkled my forehead. I had to retain it, and then re-open the silent space. There may be more. There was – I got a link with The Moon. She was a moon goddess.

moon goddess

Let’s fast forward to a few days later. I did my research on Cailleach Mohera. There was no direct reference that I could find to this Moon aspect of Cailleach, but I did find the “moher” part of the name. It was related to The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare in Ireland.

Ceann Caillí (‘Hag’s Head’), the southernmost tip of the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. One of many locations named for the Cailleach.

Source: Wikipedia

The Mesa Luna Amulet

In addition to the lunar name of Cailleach, I am also shown a particular amulet which I must obtain when I find it. The amulet is in the shape of a ‘mesa luna’ herb chopper, or a crescent moon with its tips upwards. At the ends of the tips are spirals, which feels very familiar….

…I had traced these same symbols are Moel Ty Uchaf in July 2015! See this post for details. I was being shown a combination of both the sun and moon glyphs from that visit. These were symbols that I was to carve on to the Merlin Oak Staff that I intend to make this year.

In the polished face of the flat silver amulet I am afforded a glimpse of Cailleach as a crone, bathed in moonlight and full of the wisdom of ages. It is a powerful if fleeting vision. When I come back to wakefulness we discuss our respective journeys, and my friends offer me their thoughts on the significance of the vision. The conclusion is that I am being offered an invitation to work with Cailleach in dreams, and that it is an opportunity to work with Kal in that space, too.

I am as reticent to take this on as Kal himself was when first faced with the prospect of working with this goddess. I wasn’t entirely sure what it might mean for me, or what it meant for Kal either. Nevertheless, I put that to the background and later in the evening I have the chance to go into another meditation.

The Eye of Horus

In the next meditation I see an Eye of Horus symbol. As I pass through the eye it opens up like a gateway or a portal, and as I pass through I see a spirit form, wandering in the cosmos. Is it Kal? Is he showing me that I will be protected if I dare to accept Cailleach? That he’s there – just on the other side, watching?

That night I dream of Kal. I go throught he Eye of Horus and he is waiting on the other side, floating in the cosmos – smiling, ready to play.

The dream is very vivid indeed. One of those dreams where you can’t detect that you are in a dream, even though things don’t always seem real. It’s utterly involving and convincing. We spend the whole of dreamtime going around together just like we used to – talking, walking, learning, having fun, exploring earth, space and time mysteries.

I wake with a feeling of immense gratitude and well-being. I know now that Kal and I can meet in dreamtime. This will only be enhanced by the discovery of the Mesa Luna Amulet, and by accepting Cailleach Mohera as my spiritual guide in that realm.

I am woken by the radio. It is the usual DJ babble, but then the next song is played seconds later. It is the song “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates. That seals it. This was a message. A private message for me.




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