Dowsing Meteors

Dowsing Meteors

In 2011 I visited the Natural History Museum in London. During that visit I was attracted to the meteorites in one of the less-visited sections of the building. It was an intuitive response to something whose energies I felt I needed to experience. The full tale of my meeting with the meteors at the British museum cab be found in the post ‘Meetings with Meteorites‘).

So when one of my meditation friends, a young girl just finding her feet spiritually, brought me a gift of some Moldavite, then I was both surprised and intrigued. Would it be as interesting as the specimens int he museum, I wondered? I had to dowse to find out!

A Moldavite crystal

The properties of proper Moldavite

My friend explained that this was a genuine (certified) piece of meteor. It was merely a chip, yet I knew that it was a not insignificant gift, and I thanked her accordingly. Later, after she had left I set about testing the stone to see whether I could put it to any purpose, and if so, whether the dowsing rods could guide me as to the right area to concentrate on when using it.

Here are the questions I asked and the answers I got back:-

1) Is the crystal a genuine part of a meteor? – YES
2) What is the energy level of the crystal? – 9/10
3) Does the Moldavite have a beneficial effect on me? – YES
4) What can it be used for :-

Healing? NO
Energising? NO
Protection? NO
Creation or manifestation? NO

I had to begin to think a little bit outside of my usual categories. I let my intuition have free reign to see what surfaced as an idea. I saw a picture of the girl who had given me the crystal. Yes, I said, but what of her? Ah, was it the fact that she is female which is important? YES. Then does the crystal enhance the feminine energies? YES! The further information which came to mind was of the Brigid energy – light, growth and hope.

I think the crystal would also therefore make a good gift for a girl who wants to retain her youthful outlook. For me, as one who is energised by the feminine energies, this is a perfect gift, and so I take the opportunity to publicly thank this lovely friend for her kind and thoughtful gift.


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