Flickering Venus and Forgiveness

Flickering Venus and Forgiveness

Why wouldn’t you want to go out on a wet and windy night to climb up a steep hill in the dark to visit a stone circle on an exposed ridge? Such rhetoric did play momentarily in my mind, but I ignored its facetiousness, and went anyway.

The Corvus Correspondence

As I arrived at the base of the slopes of Moel Pearce just northeast of the village of Llandrillo on North Wales. It had been a while since I had been here and I was aware that this stone circles I was about to visit was one of the four sacred sites which correspond, in my mind, with the positions of the four main stars of the Corvus constellation. The crow. The sign of Kal.

Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle is one of the finest in the area. It is relatively intact, has a good complement of stones, and has an incredible view down the valley which contains the River Dee.

Moel Ty Uchaf - August 2011 (1) (Medium)_6831343106_l

Clouds and rain had bedeviled the journey to get there, but now, as I began the climb up the steep hill, patches of clarity began to assert themselves. As I looked up one particular star asserted itself – it was Venus. I recognised her familiar four-colour flicker, and the way that she was able to metamorphose into various symbols as my eyes attempted to discern her shape. Of course, these days that could simply be a product of the state of my eyes!

I felt like Venus was guiding me up. Telling me this was the right thing to do. That everything would be alright. The rain would ease, and the cold would abate.

On the way up I am singing “Fly butterfly, with your transparent wings“. It is a lyric from a Fall track that I heard that morning, except the original lyric is “Fly ladybird, with your transparent wings“. I wondered why I kept repeating these changed lyrics? I knew at the time they were wrong.

Then, at home, I go back to view a post from last year of Kal’s. I didn’t know why I was reviewing them until I spotted the title. It’s about the last sacred day we spent together, and the post is called “Caileach as a Butterfly” and it’s all about rebirth and letting go.

Such lovely coincidences are like signposts on the way.

Orion holding the Sun

Orion holding the Sun

The View from a Ridge

It was a cold climb, but the effort makes you warmer. I needed no torch or other light to guide the way – the ambient light was enough as I knew the way instinctively. As I reached the outlier stone I took the chance to rest a moment and survey the skies again. Orion was very distinctive – making his huge presence known to me. The Hunter. I recognised the symbolismHerne, Winter King, the protection of his dogs, and the presence of The Fool.

I knew what it meant. Ian Pegler – the eminent dowser and Grail explorer – had linked Orion to Bran. That was why I was here. To forgive Bran for taking Kal.

I dowsed for permission to work, whether it was right to do so, and whether I was in the right energy state to allow this to happen – all came out positive, so I used the dowsing rods to find an entrance. Entry was via one of the largest female stones in the eastern side of the circle.

The Forgiveness Process

I sat on the female stone and went into meditation. The words “Kindle the flame” came to mind and I remembered that this was my Imbolc quest, and so I awoke to make an attempt to light a candle. I did so after a great deal of tussling with the win, but it didn’t last long. It didn’t need to. It was all about making the effort.

Connected with Corvus – the constellation of the crow – which was due East from me. Faced Bran at Llangollen, also due East, and forgave him.

Corvus due East over Llangollen from Moel Ty Uchaf

Corvus due East over Llangollen from Moel Ty Uchaf

There was one more piece of information, and it was for me to offer my outdoor meditation group. I was shown that meditation will be more about centering this year. The balance at the centre would lead to stillness of the mind, body and spirit.

This was like the Axis of Time that I once saw in a vision associated with my “Become The Giant” quest last year. Getting nearer the center is the heart of stillness and the deeper the meditation and the connection with Nature will be., It’s not about sending a thread up to the Sun, Moon, and Stars and down into the Earth any more. It’s about going deeper to the core – to the point of stillness.

I felt I needed to give thanks. I kissed one of the pointed stones which was positioned due North – this was for my healing. Then I kissed a pointed stone in the South, sending healing to my wife M. May her cold be worked through faster.

I said my goodbyes to the spirits of the circle and the stones and the stars. I was at peace with Bran now. We could continue our work together. On the way down I noticed that the clouds had taken over the skies again. Only the Great Bear constellation was visible as I descended back to normality. A fixed constellation. A fixed situation.


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