Oak staff formed in flame

Oak staff formed in flame

I was doing some work with a meditation group. We had met regularly throughout the year and had become good friends. I had gathered them this evening to keep the connections alive whilst the outdoor meditations were in hibernation. I had set a theme for the informal gathering, as I wanted it to still be about meditation, and so the theme was “Using fire“.

I lit a candle in my meditation space at the end of the garden – a summerhouse with just enough room to house all eight of us. It was tight squeeze, but it kept us warm and cosy. The candle light became a central focus, and I quickly led the experienced group into the meditation space, and then I followed them, using the light and flicker of the flame to move me into an altered state of consciousness.

I hadn’t expected to see an elemental fire angel, though.

Elemental fire angel

Elemental fire angel

As the single candle flame grew to gigantic proportions all else in the room seemed to become overwhelmed by the hot light and the dazzling rays streaming from its centre. The form was unmistakable, as I had encountered such an angelic form before, and I knew what it was straight away. There was a feeling of trepidation mixed with the kind of all-pervasive contentment and bliss that comes from being in the presence of an angelic being.

I was aware of the power of fire, so I knew that this visit was likely to be swiftly transformative. That was the trepidation aspect. However, as I slipped deeper into the blissful warmth of the elemental’s essence, I began to feel a probing, a connection tempting me to open up to communication. I did so willingly.

The elemental angel of fire led me along the arcing rays of light and flame, deeper into myself until I was bathed in the impression, the image and the knowledge of the message it was delivering. I was being shown how to work with the oak branch that I still want to craft into a new staff.

Here was what I learned about the new oak staff:-

  • It should be decorated with lots of leaves from healing plants
  • The juice of the plants will be used to decorate the leaves
  • The staff will be finished with a polish or varnish coating to protect the juice colours

There was one more aspect to the vision. Along with the various workings which needed to be done, there was also a sense of a time by which the work needed to be done. A picture of Herne appeared as a deer, bellowing to the moon. I knew what this meant. The work needs to be done by Samhain this year. By the Hunter’s Moon. That will be October 16th 2016. It’s a date!


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