Spring Dowsing 2016 – The Energetic Henge

Spring Dowsing 2016 – The Energetic Henge

Recently I attended the British Society of DowsersSpring Symposium in Worcester. It was an all-weekend affair, but having seen the line-up I decided that I would go down for the Sunday only. I decided not to book onto any of the courses in advance, but to wait to see what happened when I got there. That’s just the way I do things sometimes.

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A Spring evening in Worcester

I checked into the wonderful Pitmaston House on the Saturday evening, and spent the night walking around Worcester, getting a feel for the place. It was mainly very nice, but it definitely had a darker side to it if you looked closely. Which British town doesn’t? I was soon crowded out by the noisy Saturday night drinking/bawling crowd and made my way back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep in the comfy bright room, surrounded by pictures of books. Heaven!

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Making a Makeshift Henge

I decided to book onto the henge-making session run by Don Bryan and Edwina Cole. We had a quick introduction, and then it was out to the edges of Worcester University’s campus to find a flat grassy area in which to begin the construction out of a reel of plastic tape and some selected stones.

Don explained that a henge constructions is normally a ditch and bank – not a defensive arrangement, but rather a container for energy. Having visited many such real-life henges I could only agree – that was exactly what was going on in places like Thornborough and Arbor Low.

The ground was checked that it was neutral before we started any construction. Then two concentric circles were measured and tape was pegged out to define these two circles (but not to divine proportions – just to 2 metres apart). Spaces were left to define entrances at the cardinal points. It was funny that there was a call for a compass, but several dowsers had already defined North before I managed to get my compass app up on my phone. The dowsing had got it right. The older dowsers giggled at this modern intrusion!

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The main stone set at the centre was a stone taken from Mayburgh Henge in Cumbria. There were other stones placed close to the cardinal entrances, and then one beyond those to define a line in each cardinal direction. Beyond this, a “processional avenue” was created going out of the northern exit, and curving around inside the physical barrier of the wooden fence which defined the extent of the space we had to work in.

See The Energy Flow

The energy within this construct was dowsed within the first few minutes of the construction being completed. At the centre was a spiral of just a few turns, and some lines radiating out of the cardinal direction exist/entrances – all marked with orange flags. At this point we had a break, and were told to re-examine the dowsing after the break, and all the flags were removed.

Worcester BSD Spring Dowsing Symposium 2016 (2)

When we came back we dowsed again. The energy had definitely changed. The Processional Avenue was longer and stronger, extending far beyond the defined avenue’s boundaries. A wavy line of energy bounced between these artificial taped extremes (as though regarding the intent with which they had been laid).

The spiral at the centre was also stronger and had more turns. At this point I felt like I wanted to play with this. We had got the earth to react to our formation, and we had used our intent to define the space in which this creation would take place. But what happens if you experiment a little? I got all of the surrounding trees involved – those which would co-operate (a beech, an oak and two small spruce trees).

After having got the trees involved in the process the avenue extended all the way along a line of trees right back to the University building! Some several hundred yards further than when it was only the intent of the ‘constructors’ of the henge.

Another experiment – I dowsed the central spiral. Then I put my own intent/energy into the centre. After only a minute there was an increase from 5 to 7 spiral turns, and from 7/10 to 8/10 energy strength. Two messages were clear: “It’s all about intention” is the message for us humans, but stone (possibly crystals) are helpful tools for assisting us with the construction of energetic formations. Without these objects the energy woudl (and does) dissipate back into the aether. We need stone and earth to hold energy in place over time.

That was an interesting morning. I wondered what I would be doing in the afternoon?


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