Spring Dowsing 2016 – Dowsing Professionally

Spring Dowsing 2016 – Dowsing Professionally

In the second of my posts about my visit to the British Society of DowsersSpring Symposium in Worcester I talk about my meeting with the personification of wisdom, and how this meeting inspired me to push forward in my own work.

I was wondering what to sign up for in the second half of the day. I decided to nip out and walk one of the labyrinths which were sprayed onto the grass in the quadrant outside. Everyone else seemed to be busy buying books, eating or nattering. I had work to do!

Outside I used my dowsing rods to find which labyrinth would guide me best, and I walked one of the three available. The sun was out strongly now, and the light accompanied my walk making me feel enlivened and in the right state of mind for the second half of the symposium. At the end of the labyrinth I felt I was in the right state of mind to make a choice. I dowsed whether I would get anything out of the session and the dowsing indicated that I would be very busy and that it would be an incredibly fruitful time! I headed for the main reception to register straight away.

The options were offered to me, and without hesitation I signed up for a talk by Christopher Strong called “Advanced Dowsing: Using Dowsing Professionally“. I had never heard of Christopher, but I liked the name. In a small room some earnest faces gathered to hear how they might be able to use dowsing professionally from someone who had been doing so for years. Christopher’s charm and gentle wit soon had smiles on faces, and we I opened my notebook wondering whether I would need to make notes. Within a minute I was scribbling frantically as a seemingly-endless list of sage advice was dispensed in a matter-of-fact manner from his lips.

Here’s what I learned.

Chris Strong’s Advice for the Professional Dowser

Christopher Strong

  1. Don’t give up the day job!
  2. Never advertise
  3. Look presentable
  4. Deal with everyone at the location, not just the client
  5. Consider whether physical site visits are cost-effective
  6. Don’t know how much to charge? Dowse for it!
  7. Avoid questions outside of the scope of the current work
  8. Sell additional products – remedies, crystals, bells, figurines
  9. Use a pre-checklist to determine the situation before you go to work on site
  10. Get insurance, and include a disclaimer when signing off your work
  11. Ensure that you arrive energetically clean and leave the same way

There was so much more – this is merely a distillation of the seven full pages of notes that I took in the afternoon session. Despite being taken off topic several times by ‘the worried well’ Christopher managed to deal with the diversions efficiently and get back on track as soon as it was polite to do so. I was very impressed.

Finally, it must be noted, despite the topic, he gave his time for free to deliver this information, and for that dedication I will be eternally grateful for his charity and wisdom. I came away feeling re-invigorated. Maybe there was a chance I could do this kind of work alongside a normal job and still get to enjoy helping people? Hope springs eternal.




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