Return of the Spirit of Creation

Return of the Spirit of Creation

Any creative act can have its moments of high intensity, and then some lulls. When you have a creative project under way the lulls are like having a headache – you don’t really want them and you feel as though they are somewhat forced upon you. So it was that this month “real life events” began to get in the way of some writing that I am doing, just as the speed of the work had reached a manageable and satisfying pace.

Some of the events were very mundane, but in a twist of The Wheel of Fortune the other event was something which would, once again, inspire me to pick up where I left off, and indeed to accelerate the work.

I find myself in a London hotel room near to Euston Station. Hardly an inspiring location, except that I have a small park alongside the hotel which is in full flourish as the summer heat is breaking up to make way for bursts of heavy rainfall – a trigger for growth if ever one were needed. Indeed, the space had once been a graveyard. The scene was set for a resurrection!

st james gardens euston london

As I was trying to follow a directive to use my intuition rather than to rely on anything like my dowsing rods for guidance I had nothing to rely on but my experience. I have nothing against those who seek to perform urban druidry, except to say that it must be a lot harder than wild druidry, because it took me ages to get into the right meditation space for working. Maybe it’s a question of getting accustomed to one’s surroundings, and the four walls of a standard hotel room did little to inspire, despite the green view from the window.

However, meditation practise has brought rewards because soon I was fortunate enough to be in a light trance sufficient to commune with something at least. What did my intuition say at this point – I felt the silence and left the idea hanging in its own void. There was no guidance. And that was the point. I had no guidance at the moment.

The Theodoric Boomerang

When you are open to answers without expectation they often surprise. I asked which spirit would like to come and guide me. Within a matter of a moment I had my answer in the form of a name, and it was a name I knew. It was Theodora again! She was back after having left in early 2013!

Two days later I was at the Shamanic Lands weekend back in London again (more about that inspirational event soon). I met with the delightful Elen Tompkins who was there to promote her new book “Silver Wheel“. This book had come about through insight and revelation and through working with the spirits of the Elves (the Faery Folk) – a magical race lost to the planet as a physical presence, but with us in memory, race consciousness, mythology and through the connection available when working with spirit. Meeting her she inspired me to get the knowledge out there into the world, rather than keeping it localised and small.


Part of that meeting asked us to consider something important that we wanted to know. I chose to know why Theodora had returned. The answer was a beautiful vision in sepia.

I was shown a book – an old tome containing a calligraphic script which I recognised as my own, although highly stylized. Next to the book was a huge ballpoint pen. I couldn’t miss the symbol – the message was clear. Get writing!

Then, why had she come back? Because she nurtures the creative writing spirit within me. She was there all the while this blog was taking shape, and in the heart of my early writings. How apt that she should return for the preparation of my first book.

I felt completely enlivened and re-energised towards the project. It will be completed this summer for sure, I now feel.




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