Shamanic Lands 4 – Working with Elementals

This is the second of the posts about the presentation given by the very knowledgeable Dr.Patrick MacManaway at the Shamanic Lands event at the Conway Hall in London. In this second post I will recount the information that he gave relating to working with dragons and specifically with the various elementals. Elementals are the spirits of the earth, fire, water and air which play a large part in mediating and harmonising the subtle energies which operate in an area.

Working with Elementals

Patrick talked about bringing your brain into the right state of mind in order to communicate with the Elementals. He showed us diagrams of the brain states: Alpha waves for relaxation, and Theta waves for the meditative state. As plants work in the Alpha and Theta range, so we can connect to them in this state. The same goes for Elementals too. Our thoughts and feelings are an electro-magnetic resonance, and when we get into a harmonic resonance in the Theta state so we can begin to communicate with these entities.

Here are his points about each of the four elementals:-


  • To work with the earth spirits, tell the land spirits what you are doing and what species you want to work with
  • Earth elementals direct the energy of the land to help you achieve the results you need
  • You have three options for working with elements
    • ignore them (things stay the same),
    • command them (this leads to confusion and a worse state of affairs), or
    • ask them (this promotes harmony and increase)


  • Blessing water improves the yield and resistance of plants on which that water is used
  • He told a story of sheep galloping over a kilometre to get some blessed water from a trough, even though fresh rainwater puddles were all around!
  • Dry springs can be re-filled by singing to the spirits of the water-course
  • He requested that we bring back well dressing ceremonies, as water is better when blessed.
    • I’m going to do this at my local well, as this has recently been abandoned by the former ceremonial keepers of the ritual
  • He requested that we “Make thoughts manifest and manifest well! Make water happy!


  • Sylphs – the air spirits – can change weather
  • They control air temperature, humidity and rain events


By this point he’d made all the points he wanted to make about working with elementals, and so he didn’t say much about fire spirits except to say that they control temperature, and are related to the Sun energies.

It was a fascinating talk, and one that I won’t forget for a while. It was packed with information and stories from his work with agricultural businesses. He was obviously drawing from the years when he was head of the British Society of Dowsers as well, when it came to explaining the ways of subtle energies and dragon lines.

There was so much more than I have been able to capture – if you get a chance to see him, or work with him, then I would strongly recommend it.


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