Merlin and the Spirit of Albion

Merlin and the Spirit of Albion

It’s not often that I bring the information from my meditation group into this space. In fact, this may only be the second time. However, when we are working with the larger energies and several people get exactly the same information, then I think that is more than just personal information – it’s information for all to learn from.

The energy I asked the group to consider was The Spirit of Albion – the spirit of these lands. Most of the participants found this easy to imagine. I asked them to rise above the islands and consider the land as a whole, and then invited the spirit of the land to come to meet them.

Next I asked that the Spirit of Albion show them a place in the land that was special to them, and then for them to be connected to an ancestor who could offer them guidance.


When the guided imagery had been completed and everyone had been returned to their bodies and to the circle I invited the group to air their experiences. At least three people had exactly the same story to tell! Here is what they said.

Merlin Makes The Cross

When asked to find a place that was special to them many people found themselves in a cave or a barrow. Those who did either met an old lady, or an old man with a beard. Some identified this as a “wizard” or more specifically as Merlin.

One person particularly recounted how Merlin was the centre of a cross – an energetic cross – which came from four cardinal directions across the land. Merlin was at the centre, directing the flow of energies. He was the spirit of the land, using the energies of the land to provide balance to all areas through his manipulation of the flow rates and direction of flow for this subtle energy system.


Others similarly saw this cross shape, saying that it connected with northern Scotland; westwards out to Ireland; eastwards they named Seahouses as one of the points (close to Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne Holy Island); and southwards there was some debate over the end point – it wasn’t Stonehenge though, but I suggested it might be Cissbury Ring. Some said that their central point was in Wales – maybe Bala or in the Clwydian range of mountains. Several people named Scotland as their special place, which surprised many people.

I noted that Lindisfarne is a place I have identified in previous research as being at the end of a ley line which goes from Arbor Low stone circle directly north to the holy island. Bala Lake is of course associated with many of the Arthurian characters, including the Lady of the Lake, and with Taliesin the bard.

It is beyond normal coincidence that out of a tiny group of meditators so many coincidences would emerge in one session. When we ask people to connect in with the spirit of the land, the spirit visits us and shows us something significant. Beautiful!




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