Unexpected angels

Unexpected angels

I don’t work with angels much. For several reasons. The main reason is respect. I respect the power and majesty of these energy forms so much, that my limited experience of them leads me to limit my interactions with them to moments of necessity. However, I don’t mind when the tables are turned and an angel decides to pay an unexpected visit!

I was invited to join Debra Delglyn and her colleague Neil Brocklehurst. Neil was one of these people who I have somehow managed to avoid meeting for a long time, and so it was a delight to finally meet the man. He was a picture of calm and confident assurance. This man clearly has wisdom to dispense, and the fact that he was prepared to do so without a fee was humbling and deserved both my attention and my intent. Together Debra and Neil made a great team. Their aim was to re-enforce the practises of their current course on Incan shamanic practises. M was involved in that course, and I was simply taking the chance to practise in another style. Turns out – Celtic and Incan shamanism, have a lot in common!

We worked to one side of a car park in Wythenshawe Park in a grove of predominantly cherry and apple trees. The weather was dry and warm. The instruction was careful, gentle, collaborative but purposeful. Soon were all finding trees which called to us, making connections, working with each others sacral energy centres, and transferring energy between our hearts back to back in pairs.

It was an open and offering set of people, this small group of energy workers. I got many an opportunity to point out the similarities with my own “home grown” druidic practise, and was astonished at the number of correlations between the techniques and the intention behind their work.

In the final practise I paired with Debra. We each had the chance to scan the aura and see if we could pick up any “hucha” – “heavy energy”. I found some small pieces in Debra’s aura and worked on offering them up to the earth for it to be consumed and replaced by “sami” – or “light energy”.

Then the practise was returned, and Debra scanned my aura. As she did so I became aware of wanting to connect with the Upperworld. We had been frequently opening our Crown Chakra points to bring in light energy, and whilst being scanned I continued this opening up. It came into my mind that I knew of more than just the sun, moon and stars which could offer this light energy. The moment this came to mind my inner vision was filled with a glowing yellow light which descended slowly to fill my inner mind’s eye.

The glowing light began to take shape. It had a bright halo, a kindly face, long bright hair, clothing of white light, and behind it I saw the unmistakable span of wings made of light-feathers. I knew what it was. But who was it? Was it an identifiable angel? The name Michael came into my head as though in answer to my query. I didn’t ask any more – just sat with the presence, and let it be with me as Debra worked.


A call, and we were invited to stop. Debra stopped her work on me, but she was staring at me, puzzled and stunned. “What?“, I asked, “Did you find anything to work on?“. The group was being called to re-assemble before she could answer the question, but she quietly questioned me about something which I only half heard: “Had I undergone an initiation?” I was puzzled, and said “Let’s talk about it later.”

The time came when we could talk. I described the heavy energy I had found in her aura, and how it had cleared. Some of it was quite emotional, but essentially she had a very clear aura, as I might expect from such a powerful shaman.

She then wanted to talk about what she had found with me. Some heavy energy at the back of me, and by my feet, but then she paused. “What did you do? When I was working on you I saw a glowing… yellow… light. It had form and…. wings....” she was hesitant to put a name to it for fear of seeming daft, I think. I smiled at her. “Yes, I was thinking about all the forms of light energy which I could use, and an angel appeared. You saw it? Wow. That’s amazing!

We were both a little shocked at this episode. She at the presence of an angel, I at her being able to see it. I hugged her. This is why we like working together. We work in different areas, but we have the same intentions.

So, an unexpected angelic visitation. Seems as though my helpers are never far away. I am thankful of them, and inspired by them.



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