Ash and the Lightning Path

Ash and the Lightning Path

Conscious Camp. I’d heard of it from my friends who attend my weekly meditation. They had raved about it all year, and at first I wasn’t interested, but when they enthused about the number of activities and how they fitted completely with my druidic lifestyle, then I succumbed. I went to the Autumn Conscious Camp in the village of Glyn Dyfrdwy near Llangollen on the A5.

They were right. It took my less than an hour to get the vibe of the place, and it was a wonderful vibe. Such beautiful lovely people all there to improve and come together to improve their mental and spiritual states. Ahh… this is what it’s all about. Anyway – I couldn’t just loaf about – this was a perfect environment in which to continue my work, my questing, my connection with spirit.

Merlin and the Grail

Merlin was the dominant theme all weekend at Conscious Camp. One of the ladies whom I have known for a few years was unexpectedly being a lot of fun at camp, and when we got to talk she reminded me that she also had some Merlin connections. Bang – that came out of nowhere! She recommended a book: “The Grail Journey through Wales” by Megan Wingfield, which she had with her. It looked fascinating, and it re-lit my interest in all things Arthurian, as I recounted the experiences I had had with Merlin and his various facets in the Llangollen area. I ordered the book straight away and now I am reading it too.

The Ash Link

As I was walking down to the main arena for the first time I had my “radar” switched on. I like to scan a site as I walk through it for the first time and see what catches my interest. I am interested to know which energetic being makes a connection and then to find out why. In this case the culprit was the tallest ash tree on the site, sitting amid other various trees which stood by a tributary of the River Dee. The Dee river was a major feature of the camp’s design.

River Dee runs through Conscious Camp

I made a mental note to go visit the ash tree at the earliest opportunity, and that evening as the camp fire roared and the gathering around it became subdued, entranced by the flame and warmed by the heat, I sneaked off for a visit, alone in the darkness.

As I introduced myself and meditated beneath the tree I received some useful information. Ash is tree of lightning, and the tree was happy to tell me that when next bout of lighting arrives in the Autumn, then I would be well served to initiate the staff that I was currently carving in that energy. I should bring my new oak Merlin Staff out into the lightning to energise from the discharge.

I thanked the tree and left, wondering why the ash tree was telling me about lightning. Then I recalled a time at Belas Knap long barrow where I had sat with the spirit of Merlin and he had shown me the power of lighting. So, this would be the staff’s initiation – a bolt of lightning! How exciting! Bring on the Autumn (although wait for me to finish my carving first, please)!





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