The Sun and Moon in balance – P1 – Autumn Equinox 2016

The Sun and Moon in balance – P1 – Autumn Equinox 2016
For Autumn Equinox this year I decided to make use of all of the available light. I would start early in the morning, and I would head to Dinas Emrys. It had been a while since I had been there, and it had been mentioned by a few people in the weeks prior to the Equinox. It seemed like it was calling me, perhaps?
From Dinas Emrys I would then proceed down to Cadair Idris – the legendary mountain associated with the bard Taliesin. I had been reading “Awen: The Quest of the Celtic Mysteries” by Mike Harris, and this had inspired me to go seek out the connection at an appropriate time. This was that time.
Excerpt from Mike Harris' book "Awen"

Excerpt from Mike Harris’ book “Awen

My aim was to sleep alone on the top of Cadair all night, and then to walk down in the morning. The legend associated with the mountain is that anyone who does this either is driven mad, or comes down a poet. Let’s see what happens!
Joyous Waters
There are a few ways to Dinas Emrys. Kal and I have often taken the fast route up, but then we had usually done this in the late evening out of season, or int he darkness. This was morning in tourist season. I decided to find the official route, but had no intention of walking all the way up and around to get to the stunning hill.
I started at the little exhibition centre at the Craflwyn Estate – a National Trust site. This time, instead of taking the path up the hill I headed to the estate building itself. I found a path going through fields and began to follow some information signs. Soon they ran out and I was heading through fields looking for exit routes – man made or otherwise. I found some, but I don’t think it was the official path! Hey ho. Story of my seeking life.
Once again I passed the beautiful lagoon. The waters have such clarity. I had to stop and have a drink of these waters, sitting on a large log and admiring the soothing sound and the welcome cool taste. As I sat I tuned into the water and felt the flowing water spirits, tumbling in the white waters, and tinkling against the rocks, laughing, playing, flowing, then going on down the hillside, joyous.
Soon I was into the shade of the ancient forest at the foot of the hill. On top I admired the views before settling into a swift meditation. At the balance of the days I sat on the top of Dinas Emrys holding the sun and moon in each hand. I could see both celestial bodies in the sky, and my left hand cupped the Moon, whilst my right hand cupped the Sun. It was a perfect moment of balance, and I allowed the energies of both bodies to enter mine.
I connected to land and sky, and then I asked Merlin to be present, knowing that this place was a site where I had encountered him many times before. In a matter of a minute I began to feel his familiar earthy ancient presence, rising up around me like a kind grandfather taking the shoulders of his nephew and offering him the comfort of his experience, infused simply by his presence.
I asked if I had completed my previous quest of forging the Ring of Kinship. There was a definite positive feeling, and I took that as a “Yes”. In response I felt that I was now ready for the next quest, and so I asked for one. I sat waiting. Nothing was forthcoming. Is there not one, I asked? “It will come from a test on Cadair Idris“, I was told. I was asking in the wrong place.
So be it. Time to go get the new quest! A small part of my brain did little somersaults in anguish, “A test? What kind of a test?“. I silenced it. This was no time to be fearful. I had a huge mountain to climb. Literally. I glanced at Snowdon, which lay in sight of Dinas Emrys. Not today – today I was climbing the more beautiful and more lonely Cadair Idris.
Before I left I took one more look down the Nant Gwynant valley towards the lake. Merlin stood beside me. I asked Merlin if there was anything I should be doing. “Continue the course you are on“, he reassured me. “It is correct“. This was a tremendous relief, for this year I have often felt that I was not doing what I needed to be doing. I was doing the right thing.
Then my course was set. In spirits as bright as the day itself I headed down the hill, ready to drive to Cadair, a further hour and a half journey to the south. I was ready.

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