Derbyshire Megalithic Tour 2016

Derbyshire Megalithic Tour 2016

The outings that I particularly look forward to are my megalithic tour days. This started last year with the trip to Anglesey, and this year I selected a date in October and invited people who are in my Spirit In Nature Meetup group to come along. I got ten people along for the day.

There was an agenda of some six sites to visit, but as with most things like this we added a couple of extras in, then didn’t get to visit the last one – which is fine because technically it’s in Cheshire! The sun was shining brightly all day long and with joy in our hearts and a tingling sense of anticipation we went to these special places:-

  • Five Wells barrow
  • Arbor Low henge
  • Nine Ladies stone circle
  • Doll Tor stone circle
  • Robin Hood’s Stride
  • Nine Stones Close stone circle

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It was my pleasure to be able to introduce everyone to my developed and discovered techniques for approaching these sites, and for developing an interaction with these sacred spaces. Beyond that, people were invited to allow for whatever spiritual experiences came along – whether that he insights, emotions, interactions…. The way was essentially intuitive, individual, but with a shred sense of protection and camaraderie and support. This made for a very powerful but shareable experience.

I have to say, though, that when some people feel so free and inspired by the sites it’s difficult to tear them away and to keep everyone moving between the sites. I often felt like a school Headmaster rounding up unruly children, who were giggling and running off in all directions. Such was the sense of fun from this beautiful group.

At a couple of the sites – particularly Nine Ladies and Doll Tor the group felt that there were some presences – firstly some which were inviting and impish at Nine Ladies, then at Doll Tor some sensations which were darker and more difficult to connect with.

During these visits we took photos, and there were a couple which stood out as being indicative that something was making itself known to us during our visits – they were displaying some amazing visual effects. Check these pictures out!


That was at Arbor Low. On your phone? Then whoosh – be sliced in two! There was another photo taken feeling the influence of a strong presence at Doll Tor and that resulted in several of the people in the image being bent at extraordinary angles. Finally, there was a mist in the daylight at Nine Ladies:


Just a smudge on the camera lens, I expect. Anyway – this was merely an incidental recording of the kinds of spiritual experiences and presences which the group were getting all day long at these sites.

All in all it was an incredible day – with perfect weather (so atypical for October), a delightful lunch at The Druid Inn in Birchover village, and then a lovely togetherness as the sun went down and we told our stories on the way home. I can’t wait for next year. I’m going to do three, I think. One to Cumbria in the Spring; then to Wiltshire sites in Summer, and finally returning to Derbyshire to do some different sites in Autumn. Keep an eye on my Reconstellation site for postings of those events details if you’d like to join us.


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