Myllin’s Magic – P2 Winter 2016

Myllin’s Magic – P2 Winter 2016

The second stop on our tour of the North Powys area brought us to the lovely town of Llanfyllin. The town has still got some of the traditional shops that you associated with the older market towns, including a delightful trinket shop selling crystals and incense and the like. There was just enough time for me to grab some more incense and crystals (only clear quartz was suitable, for some reason) and to buy a picture of a robin for a pound, before we made the steep walk up the back of the town towards Myllin’s Well.

Robin picture – Llanfyllin

On the way up a strange event happened. The path is only just about wide enough for a car, or two people walking abreast. M and I were walking up the path, past all the low houses embedded into the hillside, when a car pulled out of one of the driveways. It reversed in front of us, making us stop. So we waited while the manoeuvre was completed, expecting that the car would then be moved to make way for us and clear the path again. But it didn’t move.

The young lady driving the car didn’t acknowledge us at all. No eye contact. She had reversed the car such that it completely blocked the path, and she had just enough room to get out of the car and walk back down the drive. Again, no acknowledgement that were were standing there waiting just a few feet away from the car!! M and I stood there just looking in amazement. How were we supposed to get past the car? We turned sideways and squeezed ourselves between car and thorn hedge. It was a really strange thing for the lady to have done! It was like we were bring blocked!

St Myllin’s Well

Often well sites are neglected, or at least run down. It is rare to find a well which is well maintained, and so it was a nice surprise to discover that the approach to the well was well-maintained, if you excuse the pun. There was a good path, railings, stonework, a sign and some good shrub planting:

SO, according to the information sign Myllin was a “dunker“. Well, it actually says he was one of the first to fully immerse people as part of a baptism ritual. Interesting.

I tested the quality of the water using my dowsing rods. It was clean, clear and unadulterated. Very suitable for imbibing, and so, being unable to gather any from within the covered part of the well, I clambered over the rail and got a handful from the spring before it tumbled down the hillside. It was lovely. I offered some to M as well and she looked unsure. I assured her it was fine.

Would you trust this man?

Dowsing using the body scan method again revealed that the water was good for something in the throat area. Finer levels of dowsing revealed that specifically it was a curative for the thyroid glands.

Surrounding Hills and Using Their Energy

I asked the dowsing rods to take me to the most powerful place in the area. I expected that it might be around the well site, but was very surprised to find that actually the best place was as far up the path as you could go, close to a bench. Judging by the rubbish by the bench it would seem that the spot is popular with the young people of the area too. Young people with very weak tired arms who can’t carry their own rubbish with them. Bless.

It just so happened that the power centre is where the view is best as well. Which came first? Did the power centre get formed because people spent time here admiring the view with positive emotions, or did the power centre attract people to the spot, thus re-enforcing the energies? In this case the answer is that the power centre was created by the energies of the people admiring the view and spending positive time here.

As I stood in the power centre I felt a connection to the surrounding hills, and I felt like I should do something with that connection. I had done this kind of work previously – bringing the energies of the surrounding hills to connect with a sacred place. I remember doing it to rejuvenate a hill in Bodfari. Kal told the story best. My version is longer and less amusing.

I reached out with my energy to connect to the surrounding hilltops. As I touched each one in turn I drew a connection from the peak to connect back with this power centre. There were about nine peaks to draw from in all directions, and soon they were all connected. I could feel the power levels of the well site increasing, and with that, the benefits flowing down into the town as the well water flowed down the hill. Lovely! No-one would ever know, but Llanfyllin had just got an energy boost. Possibly this might counteract the loss of their special spruce tree in February 2014. We will see.

Now to find somewhere scenic for lunch. I had high hopes for the next site – Beacon Hill.

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