Dinas Emrys part 4 Merlin, Ancestors, Dragons and Magicians

As if being breathed on by four dragons wasn’t enough the following leaves most tales in this blog standing. I know, given what is contained herein, you might be thinking that this is a tall order, it is. Read on…

The afore-mentioned dragons had departed and I had just completed a healing ceremony for a friend. Was there anything more that this magnificent sacred place have to offer I wondered and indeed asked the Genius Loci. The answer was yes!

Merlin of Albion

Merlin of Albion

t began with a vague shift in the air. As if it had got really hot and there was a haze in the air. Rather than being at ground level though, the haze was some feet above the ground. On the other side was a figure. Who over the space of a few moments came into focus. It was Emrys aka Merlin. As I have mentioned before, there is an understanding that isn’t based on knowledge. This is another example of such. It wasn’t a recognition based on description, archetype or words. It was a knowing without the mechanism of knowing.

Now usually it is Chris who has encounters with Merlin, I have to settle for a mistrusted goddess named Caileach. However, today, it seems that I was to be in commune with the great mage himself. I bowed and was surprised by his similar greeting. A thought occurred to me. After all we are both of this land. Merlin shook his head, “I am of this land”, he emphasised the this.  “You are not.”

I was surprised. I have for the most part seen myself as being of this, Albion, land. Indeed, when I have been abroad, I have always attempted to connect back to Albion. These thoughts went through my mind as Merlin watched (and I suspect read my mind). “No,” he said again, “You are not of this land”

There was no point in arguing with him, what did it matter, I wondered and opted for the higher ground so to speak and said, “Well, perhaps not Albion as such, but we’re all servants of Gaia, the Earth”

Merlin smiled and nodded, agreeing and then added, “but that is not our concern today” he said. “Albion is not your land because it is not your ancestors land” Ah, I thought, yes, well that wasn’t in dispute at all. My ancestors were Pakistani or indeed, Indian since Pakistan was only formed in the 50’s.

To my surprise Merlin shook his head at this. “No, they are not Indian” What? Oh come on, check out the skin colour. Still Merlin insisted, “that is not your ancestral origin.”

He looked away over the mountains and I followed his gaze. Magician and Wizard was the thought that came to my mind and I knew that he had put it there. What, I wondered was my ancestral origin if not India? Over the past few months I had been getting the urge to reconnect to my ancestral origins and was even contemplating (and semi planning) a trip back to my origins.

Merlin turned to me, “They are not your origins” he said once again. Where then are my origins I asked him, did he know? He took a step closer to me and raised a finger and jabbed the air in front of my face…

You know your origins! You’ve been told! Remember!

Each statement was punctuated by a stab of his finger. I felt my thoughts being disrupted but could not grasp on to what they were trying to show me. I looked across at Merlin, asking for more of his help.

Remember…go back and remember…

I thought he meant go back in time to my ancestral time, but he pulled my thoughts back to a more recent experience and yet still many years ago.

Remember…his fingers tapped my brow, my third eye and I remembered…

It was a time when Chris and I had started exploring the energies and beings of this land. Oh my god! It seems like a lifetime ago. We were up at the Druids Circle and honestly it may have been our first time there. I was exploring the energies of the place and had found that a Genius Loci or a Dragon spirit. I couldn’t distinguish the two at that time, resided there. What I also discovered is that a thousand or so years ago, a magician of powerful aspect had forced the spirit/energy/dragons to leave this land and travel abroad to aid him in some project. Chris and I had visited a few more sacred places at that time and found that dragons from many places (including Ireland) had been forced into servitude by this Eastern Mage. 

All of these memories came flooding back to me as Merlin continued to play with my third-eye. What was he suggesting? And then the connection and indeed the many connections hit me. Magicians, Dragons, Freeing the Dragons, Being bound to a Dragons, My travels to the East but not Asia. 

Was he saying that my ancestry was Eastern? Was Arabian? Middle Eastern? Where this magician had resided? I looked at Merlin partly in horror partly in wonder as a final thought arose in my mind…Was that magician, who had imprisoned the dragons, my direct answer? Merlin’s eyes flashed.

I was alone, left with a spiral of such magnitude that it pretty much dwarfed other escapades noted herein. Was that really my ancestral home? Was that magician a direct ancestor? What did it mean? Which Arabian or middle-eastern country was it? Again, what did it mean?  And all of the Dragon adventures I had been on…so many now that I think on them…were they all connected?

Blown away!

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