Of Fay, Magician, Djinn and Dragons p3 Solstice 2015

Of Fay, Magician, Djinn and Dragons p3 Solstice 2015

After the impossible event that had just occurred I was excited to see what would happen next. I had placed the Coin (that had the ability to read the hearts of others) and a quartz crystal on top of the Seat of the King.

Seat of the King

Seat of the King

The king walked into the mound. What I mean is that he was stood ephemerally in the stone of the mound. Then bending down he looked through the crystal that was atop the coin, directly at me. Aha…I thought to myself. I hadn’t used the coin like that!

You are looking into your ancestors, the king said.

It wasn’t a question. So I didn’t respond.

The magician that bound the dragons was using them to gain a greater prize. He was trying to use them to tame our very distant cousins, the Djinn. 

Really, the Djinn are your distant cousins? I asked, quickly followed by…why did he want to do that?

The king responded, the prize the magician wanted wasn’t the Djinn, they were a means to what he ultimately wanted…the Ring of Solomon

Coin and Crystal - Seeing into the Heart

Coin and Crystal – Seeing into the Heart

Have I just walked into the Arabian Nights I thought? What and why was the King of the Fay in a land far far away be interested in Djinn and Eastern Magicians?

It is of concern to us, the king said

I pondered that before the obvious response came to mind…you mean it “was” of concern to you.

The king looked out across the land and said, Find the Rainbow and you will discover why it is of concern to us.

Note: As a prolog to this. As we left the site we looked on the map for anything interesting nearby. We found a stone called The King Stone. We tried for some time to find it, but couldn’t. When I looked on the Internet for it. On the site describing it, there was a rainbow. It was a sign, I knew it. Alas we were unable to find the King Stone and I wonder now whether I will get an answer to that question of why it is of concern to the Fay today!

I thought that I was done with this commune when I felt a beam of light erupt from the crystal and into my heart. What had just happened?

Didn’t you know? The coin also allows you to put things into the heart of others. 

I thought about that for a good while. Oh my god! Really. That is a powerful and dangerous thing I told the King.

That’s why it was given to someone like you.

Thank you for the compliment and, I added, the trust. Then a thought about the Fay, Fingers and Toes came to mind, What did you just put into my heart?

The luck of the fairies in matters of the heart, the king replied, and he added, no, not the luck of the Irish, that’s a myth

The king laughed and laughed and it was as if the laughter had gently pushed me out of commune with the being….

I’ve been left with much to consider and this was only our first stop on this Solstice pilgrimage!



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