About The Hedge Druid Blog

This blog is about the experiences of two people learning modern druidry and ancient dowsing techniques. We hope to make it informative, as close to truth as human frailties will allow, and also amusing in parts. The Cosmic Giggle affects us all, even when our quest is worthy!

The Hedge Druid blog aims to relate the experiences of two erstwhile seekers of truth and wisdom, Chris and Kal. Our aim is to head towards a greater understanding of Nature, its processes and forms, and the energetic expression of Nature in the world around us. Our focus is on the isles of Albion – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but we will test our findings against all other world views that we encounter.

Our world view is Neutral. We strive for balance. We do not encompass any religious viewpoint, nor do we seek to follow any established path. Instead we follow a spiritual journey along the intuited pathways that we conjure up through our interactions with Nature and the energy forms that Nature creates around us. All this is tempered by a great deal of research – we read lots of books, articles, web sites, and blogs in order to support our natural findings.

Come with us on a journey that is always surprising, frequently unbelievable, but always changing and refining towards a greater understanding of the natural world and its energies.

About Chris McDermott

Gwas in light

Chris McDermott is a hedge druid first and foremost. He came home to druidry after being drawn into the world of Nature’s subtle energies through the skill of dowsing.

He is driven to understand the nature and purpose of ancient megalithic sites of all kinds through dowsing and communing with Nature’s sentient energetic forms.

He lives in Cheshire with his wife ‘M’ and their cat and hens. He has a lifelong passion for hill-walking and exploring of all kinds. His star-sign is Aquarius, an Air sign, and this makes him difficult to pin down, and a wanderlust.

In the kinder months he loves to ride a motorcycle around the curving lanes of North Wales and Derbyshire, two of his favourite haunts.

He is a collector of books on esoteric subjects, and a record collector too. He used to be a member of an electronic music band called “Benzene Vapours”, and he still plays the bass guitar occasionally. He also loves old kung-fu films and playing the harmonium.

About Kal Malik (1968-2015)

Kal Malik is an Edge Wizard – a magician who creates his own world. Having been friends with Chris for so many years there was a certain inevitability about him acquiring the skill of dowsing at the same time.

Kal is an adventurer and explorer of all things on the Edge, well-versed in many eastern religions and with a deep understanding of the concepts investigated by parapsychologists. Both a healer and a teacher, Kal is always ready to offer his current world view.

Kal is a journeyer, never getting rooted for too long in the soils of one place, yet he loves to bed himself down in the towns and cities of these lands for a short while, enjoying the trappings of the urban hubbub, before becoming restless and moving on.

He works with energy in all its manifestations, whether it is crystals, reiki, intent or earth energies.

You will find Kal engrossed in a book somewhere on public transport, making his way between the many people who call upon his time or his services. Being a life-coach and a good computer programmer means that he moves back and forth between “real” work and an imagined income!

NOTE: Kal tragically passed away on August 10th 2015. This site is continued in his memory.

About Hedge Druids

A Hedge Druid is a term used to denote a druid who does not belong to any order, brotherhood or grove. Instead he works alone, or in partnership, in order to learn in an unbridled fashion. A mind unfettered by convention can conceive more possibilities. However, not all people can endure the uncertainty of solitude, and so sometimes Kal and I work together to make progress in our own unique ways. In this way our work comes together to reinforce our separate paths, yet validate the findings to our own satisfaction.

Three forces become one

Three forces become one

Our ideas are inspired by others, but everything we publish that is not obviously speculative has been experienced by us. We are simply passing on the information as we experience it. We only trust that which we can verify ourselves.

Our long-term project is to heal the earth’s imbalanced energies, and return the energies we take from the land to support our journey. On the way we are taught our place in life, and our role in nature.

All components of a system must balance to maintain a state of grace.

Discover your own path“, we say.