Gwas: Alignment relates to the concept that humans have their own energy fields that are oriented or formed in a specific way such that the person is either suited better to one energy source of another. Some people have their energy fields empowered by the direct subtle energy force of The Sun, whilst others are empowered by the indirect subtle energy of The Moon.

Due to the historical associations and symbolisation of The Sun with masculinity and The Moon with femininity we designate these alignments as either being ‘male’ or ‘female’ alignments accordingly. We interchangeable refer to people as being ‘sun-aligned’ or ‘male-aligned’ and similarly with the female alignment.


Black Stream

Gwas: A flow of subtle energy emerging from a source. The source is usually imbued with some negative qualities, for example, it may be a source of geopathic stress where geology is under pressure, or toxic gases are emitted. Alternatively, the source may be imbued with negative emotions such as anger, fear or hatred left there by the intent of a human being. The result is a toxic dispersal of flows of “black” energy. These flows can cause disruption to everything in their path, such as accident blackspots if they cross roads, or polluted streams if they contact water.

We have found that black streams tend to consist of an imbalance of male and neutral energy. There is strong male energy and a lesser neutral energy band. Sometimes the line consists of female and neutral energy combined, but this seems far less common. These black streams contrast with white streams, which are sources of positive healing energy.

[See: ‘White Stream‘]


Celestial Energy

Gwas: This is a term that I use to collectively describe any energetic influences that reach us from celestial sources. As with its companion term ‘Telluric Energy’ the energies of the celestial sphere are many and varied, ranging from cosmic rays (which can be scientifically measured), the sun’s various energy frequencies, the reflected energies of the Sun which arrive via the Moon, and those of the stars and planets within and beyond our solar system.

In addition to those energies which can be measures via instrumentation there are more subtle energies that seem to be only identifiable through dowsing and mental communion, and these energies are also included in this term – in fact, when I talk of celestial energies I am usually referring collectively to the subtle energies from outside of our earth’s atmosphere.

[See: ‘Telluric energy‘]


Kal: I define this as talking or communicating with some other agency in the form of pictures, words and or feelings. It has to be something that at least is understandable but may not be meaningful. For example, if I am shown a picture of an oak falling from a tree I understand what it is, but may not know what it means.

Gwas: I define this as being an interaction with an invisible and natural sentient force that is independently identifiable, even if it cannot be named or classified. The interaction takes place at the level of a subtle amalgamation of the mind of the perceiver such that a dialogue or transference of feelings may occur between the two sentient parties. The interaction that is ‘communing’ is purposefully initiated by the perceiver for the express purpose of learning or simply to transfer feelings in a sympathetic manner.


Death Eater

Gwas: A moniker or term given to me after working with an ancient yew tree in a graveyard for several years. The term describes an a set of techniques for working with the energies left by formerly living humans [see: ‘Shade‘ and ‘Energetic Shroud‘].

The techniques involve the absorption, and sometimes the regurgitation of these ‘death energies’. The subtle energy can be retained for later use by the Death Eater, or regurgitated so as to neutralise the energy (via its dissolution and dispersion).

NOTE: The concept is similar in energetic intent, but different in custom to the term ‘Sin Eater‘, which was a profession which was only discontinued in recent times. [See books by Ross Heaven in the Books page].

The Sin Eater was invited to eat food from a recently-deceased corpse in order to absorb the sins of the person before their burial.


Kal: This is accessing my deeper (or higher) self. In essence the answers I get are always from “some part” of me. Dowsing can be done with pendulum, rods or deviceless.

Gwas: The act of attuning to the Earth’s subtle energy forms so as to discover their position, strength and direction of flow. Also, an act of attuning to the frequency range of other sentient forces so as to elicit information from them regarding some past, present or future condition [see ‘Divination‘].


The art of tuning into the Flow of the Universe in order to obtain information (in any form – vision, feeling, motivation intelligence, knowledge). The information may be current, i.e. in the present, or in the past or future. Movement away from the present in either direction seems to give decreasingly reliable data, however, although its accuracy may well be sound.

Forms of divination include (but not limited to): dowsing, oracles, communing, dreams, visions, hearing voices, tarot cards, scrying and many more.


Kal: Until recently (Autumn 2010) I have been using the term Genius Loci to describe a “spirit” of the place, particularly spirit of the sacred site place. I have now come to make a differentiation between what I refer to as the actual Genius Loci of a place i.e. the nature spirit of place which “is” the place and a Dragons.

Dragons are spirit/energetic beings that reside in sacred sites and have a particular location in them and also move throughout the day (and or season). They also leave the sacred site on occasion, which again differentiates them from Genius Loci’s which don’t

Dragon Line

In Chinese culture a dragon line is a pathway of subtle energy. We prefer to call these pathways “energy leys”. [See ‘Energy Ley’]


Energetic Shroud

As coined by Kal after reading the definitions of C.W.Leadbeater – the early 20th Century mystic. Leadbeater considered that man, when he died, could become stuck in a “Shade” – an energetic shell that would retain many of the characteristics of the human in his physical life. It is frequently taken to be what is termed a ‘ghost’ but although it has a certain amount of sentience, it would seem to be limited in terms of its ability to move from the space within which it has anchored itself. It must be stated – it is NOT the person who has died – it is a remainder copy that contains the memories and characteristics of the original energetic fields of the human, but now has no physical organism to work with.

Thus comes into existence the class of entity which has been called “The Shade” – an entity, be it observed, which is not in any sense the real individual at all, for he has passed away into the heaven-world; but nevertheless, it not only bears his exact personal appearance, but possesses his memory and all his little idiosyncrasies, and may therefore readily be mistaken for him, as indeed it frequently is at séances. It is not conscious of any act of impersonation, for as far as its intellect goes it must necessarily suppose itself to be the individual, but one can imagine the horror and disgust of the friends of the departed, if they could only realize that they had been deceived into accepting as their comrade a mere soulless bundle of all his lowest qualities.

The Astral Plane:   Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena‘ by Charles Webster Leadbeater]

[See: ‘Shade‘]

Energy Bomb

Kal: An energy bomb is (for me) the pulling in of energy from the surrounding environment and then causing an explosive release. It is highly effective against Leprechaun Energy but not so much against energetic draining energies and shades.

Energy Ley

Gwas: A straight line of neutral energy linking two or more sacred sites or other energetic centres. This is often confused with Alfred Watkins’ concept of the Ley Line. Strictly speaking a ley line does not necessarily mean a neutral energy line, only a sight alignment between notable places, whereas an energy ley is like a radial spoke in a wheel, with energy flowing outwards across the land in a straight line. It has sometimes been found that the energy ley can be diverted from its strict straight path by changes in the landscape or strong attractors that pull it away from its original course.

Energy leys may have inter-twining streams of male and female energies weaving along them, as though the energy ley is an attractor, a pathway or a conduit for the male and female energies.

[See: ‘Ley Line‘]


Something tangible to the heightened senses, but invisible and beyond the normal range of everyday human senses. We use the term to describe the subtle energies that surround the human body. We also use the term “etheric” to describe the energy forms of Nature’s sentient spirit energies that can be detected through dowsing, or through deep meditation or states of heightened awareness.


Flow of the Universe

Gwas: What McKenna called the movement towards the Omega point at the end of this current time frame. If one believes that the current Universe is complexifying towards a final end point, then the Flow of the Universe is its inexorable progression towards that pre-destined point.

It is my belief that, even if only at the level of a universal intention, this progression is a form of geometric complexification sought by an intelligence that is of a size and form that we cannot comprehend, but can only glimpse reflections of. This is why, when I tune into the flow of the universe, I am able to join with the flow of that stream, but cannot comprehend its totality.

To join with the flow of the universe is to follow a natural progression in tune with Nature’s own direction of development. Religion has called this concept “following the divine will”, but then has proceeded to make it a law, rather than a useful option for personal and communal progress.

Kal: There are signs of being in the “flow” – the most prevalent sign for both of us has been the sun coming out – even in the most unlikeliest of conditions. Another sign may well be the stars coming out, but this one has to be verified a few more times before I can put it in stone. Presence of Totem symbols such as the Hawk for Gwas and the Crow for me must also be considered as signs.

An “anti” sign also referred to as Leprechaun energy might indicate being out of the flow of the universe, see Leprechauns below.


Genius Loci

Kal: Pre Autumn 2010, Genius Loci referred to what I now call a Dragon (see above) Genius Loci (a lovely Latin phrase) means spirit of the place and from this Autumn onwards will be taken to mean the geological/Gaian spirit of place. It is transfixed to a place – being literally that place. Other associations have to be determined such as Astrological and symbolical – since I learned to differentiate between Dragons and GL’s.











Any two pieces of metal that have been bent at a 90-degree angle. Also called “angle rods” these two pieces of metal can be held in each hand lightly so as to allow for them to move in reaction to questions posed by the user.

Video about using L-Rods for dowsing.


Kal: We first encountered this phenomena on our visit to Ireland (2010) when mishap after mishap occurred. Our dowsing concluded that we were being plagued by a Leprechaun. Our assertion at that time was that this was a intelligent and aware energy, with a penchant for causing mishaps.

Since that time we have had a few other occasions of such which has led me to conclude (for the moment) that there is a kind of Leprechaun energy (although this doesn’t preclude that there is no such thing as a Leprechaun, since I firmly believe that was what we encountered in Ireland) nevertheless, Leprechaun Energy is an attachment or an attunement to an energy that causes one to have mishaps and lose focus. It can last for long periods of time unless removed.

Two ways of removing it that I have used effectively are an Energy Bomb (see above) or Intent (within a stone circle).

Ley Line

A concept first defined by Alfred Watkins in his book “The Old Straight Track” in which he defined a series of sight alignments between notable landscape features such as hilltops, churches and standing stones and which formed a visual straight line across the land.

It has later come to be confused with the Energy Ley – a neutral straight line of earth energy that links many of the same sites that are recognised and described along ley lines.

Ley lines have become a popular concept amongst those who seek to find sacred sites and they are a valuable method of finding and re-discovering sacred places once a ley line is traced and laid out on a map. Ley line indicators include: churches, crosses, boundary marker stones, standing stones, stone circles, crossroads, straight roads, hilltops, lakes, cairns, and notches in hillsides.

[See: ‘Energy Ley‘]




Natural Magick

Gwas: This is a system of belief that is often defined as being the appropriation and re-use of naturally occurring forces for the purposes of healing, transformation, communication, or a host of other subtle effects. The natural elements of the magick can also be seen by the under-pinning concept that the use of these forces should be co-operative rather than coercive.

The belief system encompasses the concept of an interaction with spirit forces in Nature that have sentience and that act in harmony with Nature.

People such as Cornelius Agrippa utilised the term to encompass the concepts of areas of study that we now delineate as the natural sciences, astrology and alchemy.

In my definition of this style of magic there is no pre-determined ritual, no specific ritual objects and no ceremony utilised in the practise of the act of natural magick. Instead the circumstances of time, place, and the individual intuition of the participants (human or spirit) determines the  method and the means of the actions taken.




Power Centre

Gwas: A place where a person of a particular alignment (see ‘Alignment’) feels particularly comfortable and empowered. The place is an energetic centre where a particularly beneficial combination and formation of energies is formed into a pattern that is harmonic with the person for whom it can be called a power centre.

Whilst within the energy field of such a place a person can become energetically re-balanced, can be healed of minor aches and pains, can feel energised if previously tired, and can be more creative and alert. Hence, the feeling is empowering and the centre is designated as a power centre for that person.

Kal I agree with Gwas as above. I would also add that (for me) a power centre also refers to an energy sink or energy well i.e. where energy spirals into or out from. Such points do not necessarily coincide with the above kind of power centre.


Quiet Time

A period in the year beginning at Samhain (October 31st) and ending at Imbolc (February 1st). The Quiet Time is a period where rest, recuperation and consolidation of knowledge are encouraged, and energy work and druidic activity is discouraged.

The period matches the time when earth energy is at its quietest and weakest, and also serves to allow the year’s teachings to become embedded into your consciousness.


Radial Leys

[See: ‘Energy Leys]



A shade is the energy body of a human being that has become transfixed at a geographical location. The shade retains many of the qualities of the human that it was attached to (memories, character traits, a level of sentience, movement between places known in life).

Due to these qualities the shade is often mistaken to be the ‘spirit’ of a dead person, but we believe that the spirit element, the soul qualities, have departed from the energy body, and so that spark of life is absent from the shade.

Shades are driven to seek energy from living entities in order to perpetuate and enhance their power and longevity.

We see evidence that ancient cultures had ritual methods of ensuring that people of power and renown would be buried at earth energy sites where their energy body would be perpetuated. We think this is also the purpose of many mounds and dolmens.

[See: ‘Energetic Shroud‘]

Spirit Guide

A spirit guide is a sentient entity which has chosen to make itself available to a spiritually-aware human. The intention of the spirit guide is to offer assistance with the progress of the human energy worker. It seems that this is a choice offered to the spirit in order for it to make its own advancement, and therefore the relationship is mutually beneficial.

As the spirit guide has access to a different level and type of knowledge this relationship can be extremely beneficial to the energy worker, but it should always be entered into in the spirit of co-operation, not as a master-and-slave relationship, no matter which way around that happens to be.

Subtle Energy

Gwas: A form of energy that has so far eluded scientific definition. It is neither electric, magenetic, nor electro-magnetic, so far as our current technical equipment can measure. It does, however, exhibit many of the characteristics of magnetism and electricity in terms of its effects and properties. It may be a form of either or both of those energies that we have not yet identified.

Subtle energy is so-called because is can only be detected by subtle rather than gross methods. By subtle, I mean that sympathetic investigation techniques such as dowsing or attuning to an environment can make this energy identifiable.

People who are able to work with subtle energy can achieve many things that are still regarded as “miracles” (which simply means, performed by some means currently unknown), such as healing, diagnosing illness, changing the characteristics of the land (e.g. maing land fertile), changing weather patterns, and other forms of ‘magic’.

Ancient megalithic sites are built upon places where subtle energy can accumulate, and their forms seem to have been designed to enhance, congregate, concentrate and collect subtle energies as well as magnetic and electrical energies too.


Telluric Energy

Gwas: A general term encompassing all forms of earth-bound or earth-generated energy. This is in differentiation to forms of celestial energy. Telluric energy can be both subtle energy and what we may call “gross” energy – in other words, energy that can be measured by current scientific instrumentation and which is electro-magnetic in nature.

Mostly, when we use the term “telluric energy” (which we rarely do) we are using it as an umbrealla term to include all forms of earth=related subtle energies such as ley lines, power centres, male and female energy lines, and site auras.

[See: ‘Celestial energy‘]






White Stream

Gwas: A flow of positive energised and healing subtle energy. The white streams usually emanate from a source of good energy such as a holy well, a sacred site, a power centre or a place of worship of good intent. We have found that white stream energy consists primarily of male and female energy combined in a balanced and harmonious blend, such that the two streams “play” with each other, warping and wefting in a dance that invigorates and enlivens everything that comes into contact with it. If a human stands in such a stream then they will feel positive, happy and energised, warm even.

[See: ‘Black Stream‘]