Maps1 – England

This is a gazeteer listing information about the sacred sites we have visited and mapped for subtle energies. This page covers the sites in England.


  1. Arbor Low stone circle
  2. Alderley Edge forest
  3. The Bridestones chambered cairn
  4. Nine Stones Close stone circle
  5. Nine Ladies stone circle
  6. Pendle Hill
  7. Stonehenge stone circle
  8. Silbury Hill
  9. Glastonbury Tor


Arbor Low

Location: Near the village of Parsley Hay, Derbyshire Peak District, Northern England. (SK160636 – follow A515 road)


Arbor Low has been called the Stonehenge of the North probably on account of the amount of area it covers and the size of the stones that remain there, although today they are all laying flat. Nevertheless the sheer expanse of what must have been a huge complex of standing stones both inner and outer is still impressive today. So much so, that a visit to Arbor Low is never an unattended visit – there’s always someone coming to have a look at it. Perhaps it is the fact that it is well signed and close to the A515 – a popular route through Derbyshire and not a million miles from Alton Towers.

This site is one at which Kal feels particularly energised. Despite the fact that we don’t usually get to see it in sunshine (understatement) and it is quite exposed (another understatement) it has a very positive feeling about it, possibly because it is so well visited and admired. Certainly, this site is not short of the odd pagan deposit of a flower, a posy, a note or a ribbon somewhere inside a hollow or crevice in a large stone.

Energetic condition :

Every time we have visited and dowsed at this site it has been registering as a strong response, The rods swings forcefully, smoothly, directly and precisely here in response to questions. The entrance is oriented NorthWest-SouthEast and the centre of the inner circle is the site of two long, and seemingly connected, stones. In the diagram below you can trace the inner path of the stones that register as linking together to form an energetic circuit. The two central stones are linked to male power centres that form a ram’s horn shape on either side of the NW entrance. Similar spirals occur at the SE exit too.


Recumbent stones at Arbor Low

Energy types:

The site is alive with all kinds of energetic paths and pools – strong neutral alignment leys, radials in abundance, male and female energies dancing up and down the surrounding mound, strong protective female energies atop the mound.

MALE / SUN + FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Around the central stones was a 2m wide band of male energy, which was then surrounded by a band of female energy encompassing the stones that formed the inner circle. Outside of that ring was another band of male energy that followed the ditch and finally the mound’s ridge formed a circular band of female energy. Beyond this nothing else registered.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS) : It was at Arbor Low that we discovered that Male and Female power centres (simple spirals) were connected by neutral energy that arced into the air to join the two centres. The key information is that the Female energy pushed the energy upwards and outwards, whilst the Male energy centre drew the neutral energy into itself and into the ground at that point. The arcs form ‘doorways’ through which sentient energy forms can enter and exit the site at particular times of the year.

We have identified SIX neutral energy ley lines radiating from the central stones at Arbor Low. These begin at the centre of the circle and radiated outwards in a straight line. He followed in straight lines over the mound and far into the surrounding fields without finding their end points. They connect to far away sacred sites, hilltop beacons, other standing stones, etc. and may form part of a larger ley grid. See this post for full details.

Energy patterns and directions:

Showing outer stone positions and inner stone energy links


  1. The site was created in the Age of Taurus sometime around 4000 BCE. I have an exact date somewhere but it’s not relevant to anything, unless you are looking to know its astrological alignment at the time of creation.
  2. The site was originally aligned to the star “Altair” in the constellation of “Aquila” but is now aligned to the star “Ankaa” in the “Pheonix” constellation.
  3. The site is “tuned” in favour of those who have a sun alignment.
  4. The Genius Loci of Arbor Low is currently in the form of a bull, and moves around the recumbent rock at the southern end entrance, should you wish to try to locate it.
  5. Sun-aligned people should enter from the northern entrance, and moon-aligned people should enter from the southern entrance.
  6. The Genius Loci is almost always receptive to a visit if the entrant waits at the edge of the site (about ten feet outside the entrance – feel for the change in air pressure) and then asks to enter. If you feel a ‘tug’ at your stomach then you have been accepted. If you feel a ‘push’ then you are not currently welcome at that time. It’s your own affair should you choose to ignore that. I have been there at night (being a moon-aligned person) and have been warmly received, so it is possible to get a positive experience if some, if not all, the conditions are right.
  7. Because this is a sun site, it will feel most alive when the sun is out, or closer to midday, and closer to the Summer Solstice. The other factor is that it will be more alive when the star Ankaa is visible in the day time.


  1. Bands of Energy
  2. Three-Dimensional Energy Flows
  3. Dowsing the signature of the site
  4. The ley line connections
  5. Neutrals and neutralising

GOOGLE MAP: Aerial Map link to Arbor Low

This site has got the usual speculative history and a good description of how to find Arbor Low.


Alderley Edge

Location: Above the town of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, Northern England. (SJ845781 – follow B5087 road)

Tasty specimens of treehood

Cutting a dash across the Cheshire plains is the delightful Alderley Edge. Said the be an area visited and possibly inhabited by magical folk of all varieties, this place has an undeniable druidic ambiance to it.

Many wide and dry paths run through the forest revealing stunning views, hidden groves, impressive trees and a network of caves and gulleys. It’s a veritable playground for all ages. Every corner brings another delight for the eyes.

Energetic condition :

With the huge network of large trees in the forest there are energy paths to be found everywhere throughout this site. Special care needs to be taken when working with tree energies, as the wrong sort of question or phrase often invites a disdainfully difficult or downright contrary response to that asked for. They do like to play games with you in here, so dowsing reliably is difficult generally. Special places such as particular features give more reliable responses. Overconfidence and assumption are swiftly punished. A clear, sober and focused attention is required to navigate through the multiplicity of energetic fields around this special place.

Energy types:

The only place I want to describe is the folly (i.e. fake) stone circle created at the beginning of the last century. When dowsed the stones in this circle do not have any energies in them. All other circles we dowse do, if they are of ancient construction. Seems there was more than just placing large stones involved in building these features.

Nevertheless, the nearby trees have established an elaborate network of energies within and around the circle of stones, and seem to be interacting with the feature as we have seen at other stone circles. Interestingly it is the massive beech tree not a hundred yards away that dominates and encompasses (directs?) the energies of the circle.

MALE / SUN: Most of the energies of this site were male. The energies emerging from the two tall pine trees at the front of the circle provided one male spiral each in the circle itself. One of the pine trees created an elaborate path of energy that doubled back on itself – a formation that reminded me of a cell dividing. The second pine provided both a male and a female line into the circle, which swirled into each other (see picture below).

Traced energy lines from trees

FEMALE / MOON: Not much female energy activity here. The single female swirl (left of picture) which emanated from the second pine tree at the front of the site.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS) : The energy coming from the big birch tree nearby registered as neutral. It circled almost all the site that wasn’t being taken up by the two pine trees.  We didn’t dowse for any alignment leys at this site, because this circle does not form part of the network of ancient sites.

Energy patterns and directions:

Alderley Edge folly circle

Here’s a link to more information about this site on the Time Travel Britain site.

This site has got a comprehensive description of most of the interesting features of Alderley Edge. Whilst the site reports that the circle has no earth energies, I think that tree energies have been overlooked!

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GOOGLE MAP: Aerial picture of Alderley Edge looking like some kind of flying gargoyle!


The Bridestones

Location: Timbersbrook, Congleton, Cheshire, Northern England. (SJ906622 – follow Reade’s Lane off the A527 road to reach Dial Lane.)


The Bridestones in Congleton

With splendid views across the Cheshire countryside this remnant of a once great megalithic construction is still worth a visit. There are still the remnants of an initiation chamber with its two inner sanctums exposed to view, and two proud standing stones guarding what’s left of the site, most of which has been destroyed in the last 200 years by lazy builders of one modern monstrosity or another.

Energetic condition

Yew trees stand at the entrance to the site and provide a living energy link to one of the outlier stones. Despite being ravaged this site still contains a well-balanced energy field that seems self-sustaining somehow. The site doesn’t register as being active, but apparently could be activated at the right time of the year, which I found to be Samhain, or late October/early November.

Energy types:

The site is replete with both male and female energy spirals and has a neutral ley line passing right next to the remaining structure. Outlier stones registered as drawing down midday sun energy to the site, as did the main tall stones. There is also a strong lunar connection, as the female earth energies drawn up at this site are most active when the moon is full. There are energy connection from both male and female sources outside of the main chamber which feed into a combined power centre in the rear chamber, or inner sanctum. The overall feeling at the site is enjoyable – there is nothing at all negative about the place – it feels like a site whose balanced energies would please everyone who visits.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (17)

MALE / SUN: Male energy lines are connected to and emerge from the various outlying boulders that exist at the front of the site. One the left-hand side the male energy combines with the neutral energy of a ley line that passes through the rock. On the right-hand side a tall rock in the bushes projects a male line into the tiny “entrance” gap of the chamber and into a spiral in the front chamber. The yew tree standing on the right-hand side of the entrance is connected to the left-hand outlier by a male line. There is a main male power centre spiral in the rear chamber whose energy then flows out of the rear chamber and out of the site, connecting to something further away.

FEMALE / MOON: Female energy emerges from a strong spiral which is in line with the front of the chamber, positioned at the same level as the tall right-hand outlier. This female line then weaves into the chamber (again, through the right-hand gap entrance) before joining with the male energy in the power centre. This combination feels powerful and pleasant. Another female spiral emerges from behind one of the tall rocks at the left-hand side of the chamber’s entrance (behind the rock – see diagram below) and weaves back around the two tall rocks to spiral inside the front chamber. Thus the site is balanced energetically, having separate male and female spirals, but also a combined spiral.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS) : One neutral ley line passes alongside the site, to the left of the two tall rocks. It also passes through the left-hand outlier, combining with its male energy to form a male+neutral field around the outlier rock. Also of note is that two water channels flow beneath this site – one passes through the left-hand outlier rock, and the other flows across the entrance of the chamber, passing through both female earth energy spirals that are linked to each other.

The Bridestones - Congleton - Oct09 (19)

View from the Bridestones

Energy patterns and directions:


Map of Bridestones energy

BLOG POST LINK: Read about our visit to this site – Seven Sites for Beltane – Part 2.

BING MAP: OS map of the area

GOOGLE MAP: Aerial photo of The Bridestones location.


Nine Stones Close

Location: On Harthill Moor, near Harthill village, Derbyshire, Northern England. (SK226626)

Energetic condition :

Extremely integrated energies weave a delightful complex inter-connected series of large and small circles and swirls of energy. Three of the large stones register for female energies, but the odd-shaped stone closest to the Stride (left of photo) has a strong male spiral emitting from it.

When we first dowsed this we thought there were possibly two stones missing from this circle, in the two obvious blank spots, near to the oak tree and opposite it.

The strongest power centre is marked ‘B’ on the sketch below.

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Two lonely male energy spiral appear at this site. One occurs next to the main power centre bundle, and the is next to the biggest female spiral I’ve ever seen which comes from the furthest stone (furthest away in photo). A male spiral emits from the odd-shaped stone (The Anvil) on the Stride side of the ‘circle’.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: This is a site of female energies – no doubt. This appears surprising given the large imposing sharp-edged stones that remain, yet the female spirals around these stones are very large and strong. The set of four power centres (A/B/C/D) are interlinked and all register for female energy forms.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): Neutral energies form straight or arcing links between the four remaining stones. A strong neutral line going over where we dowsed for missing stones would support this notion. The energy linking the oak tree at the site with another on the other side of the field is of a neutral type. One alignment ley was found crossing at an angle through the site. In the distance there is a country mansion in its path (NE), and the other way leads to Robin Hood’s Stride (SW).

Energy patterns and directions:

Energy map of Nine Stones Close

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GOOGLE MAP: Aerial view of the site.


Nine Ladies

Location: On Stanton Moor, near Birchover village, Derbyshire, Northern England. (SK249635)

Arguably the nicest location for a circle anywhere in the Derbyshire. Surrounded by beautiful birch, oak and pine trees this circle has an unusual ‘dead’ stone (the one leaning to the left on the left side of the picture).

Energetic condition :

Fed into by an old oak tree (a wishing tree) and criss-crossed by many neutral lines, and additionally powered by subsidiary stones lying to one side this circle is a torrent of energetic patterns. Beware of some stones ‘draining’ tendencies. A strong power centre keeps the whole mix flowing, and is located slightly off-centre to the patch of earth that marks the middle (slight dark patch in upper left of circle in the photo).

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: The oak tree connects to the power centre by two male lines – one going straight in, and the other going around the outside to enter and join the power centre via the circle’s ‘entrance’ gap. Almost every stone also has a small male energy that goes from the outside of the stone, back into the same stone from the inside! A male line connects the stone cluster at the side of the circle to one of the circle’s stones.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Nearly every stone has a female spiral going out of the stones outside the circle to spiral a few feet from each stone. One set of stones was joined by a bridge of female energy. The stone that was linked by a neutral band or ‘bridge’ to its opposite had two female spirals coming out of it into a ‘horn’ or plume on either side.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): There is a wide slow spiral of neutral energy ringing the outside of the circle before heading inside to spiral into the power centre near the middle. The King Stone outlying the circle marks the point at which lines congregate along the neutral alignment ley here. Kal has found radial leys linking this site to other nearby sites such as Arbor Low and Nine Stones Close.

Energy patterns and directions:

Energy map of Nine Ladies

This link has more information about the labyrinth of energies at this site: Nine Ladies circle.

BLOG POST LINKS: Read about our visit to this site. Another visit.

GOOGLE MAP: Aerial view of the area.


Pendle Hill

Location: Nr. Barley, Lancashire, England. (SD 813410)

Energetic condition: I only tested one spot and that was the trigonometry point at the very peak of the hill, close to its steeper edge. The energies were flowing in the opposite direction to what they normally would be expected to do! They felt ‘unnatural’ – that’s the only way I can describe it.

Energy types:

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): The top of the hill marks the crossing point of two neutral ley lines that are aligned to the cardinal points. I don’t think it was exactly sited on the trig point marker, I think they crossed slightly to one side of that marker, but it was pretty close.

MALE (SUN): The trig point is surrounded by a block paving effect of bricks, and surrounding that is an undulating male line hugging it tightly, but travelling in an anti-clockwise direction.

FEMALE (MOON): Wrapping around the central brickwork, at a distance of about six or seven feet, was a series of six linked female spirals, forming a kind of hexagon of female energy around the trig point. Again, these female energies, although they spiralled in the correct anti-clockwise direction, their linked energies flowed clockwise – which is counter to the direction one would normally associate with such frequencies of energy.

Energy patterns and directions:

BLOG POST LINK: Read about my visit to this site.



Location: West of Amesbury at the A303/A344 junction, Wiltshire, England. (SU 122 422)

Energetic condition : Weaker than expected. If this is THE sacred site in England, well, it has been somewhat depleted! The energies were impossible to observe much from outside the circle.

Energy types: What energies there were outside were the usual spirals and a few alignment leys. Where a walkway had been positioned near to the outer fence a strong double straight line powered its way into the henge. Those lines had palpable energy and we couldn’t stand on them for very long without feeling queasy, like holding onto a farmer’s electric fence! The small spirals on the outside were found to be female.

Energy patterns and directions:

The alignment ley travelled in an E/W direction, as did the two ‘power lines’ coming into the eastern side of the circle. There simply wasn’t enough time, and we didn’t have enough motivation to do much more – it was all very draining just being there!

Gwas’s Notes:

This was all rather disappointing. We will make a reservation to see the stones after normal visiting hours next time, and we’ll apply in advance too! Shame you have to do that just to get close to the stones, but it’s the only way to really tune into them – it’s not possible to tune in walking the ‘wrong’/discharging way around the monument. It all felt wrong.”

Footnote: Here is a link to a discussion by Dennis Price about the dark energies of Stonehenge (Red Ice Creations membership required). He mentions that the bodies of recently dead animals are often found within the henge, and that it is unlikely to be the work of evil-doers (due to tight security), but rather something about the circle itself.


Silbury Hill

Location: East of the village of Beckhampton along the A4 road, Wiltshire, Southern England. (SU100685)

Energetic condition : Apparently STILL being repaired from 2000 C.E. Therefore, access to the mound is currently closed off. I went up onto the hilltop, however, and found that there was a lot of energy focused at the summit.

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Very strong Male energy is drawn down from the sun and stars.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON : Moon energy is also drawn down to this hill’s summit where it combines with the female earth energy that is funnelled up through the mound.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): A neutral line passed through this hill from Beckhampton on to West Kennet Long Barrow.

Energy patterns and directions: A hugely powerful large spiral on the summit leads to a strong power centre in the middle where male, female and neutral energies are combined.

BLOG POST LINK: Read about my night time visit to the hill here.

This link has more information, and lists some other pages to get more information: Silbury Hill sites.


Glastonbury Tor

Location: On the Chalice Well side of Glastonbury town, Somerset, Southern England.  (ST511386)

glasto tor

St Michael's tower on the Glass Island

Many people have dowsed the hill itself, so we chose to dowse the church on the summit instead. If you want to see a map of the hill’s labyrinth energy pattern then visit this link for a picture of those lines. Famously described and pictured in “The Sun and the Serpent” book (see Book Recommendations).

Energetic condition : These energies have to be felt to be believed. Seriously, ANYONE could dowse here – the energies are so strong and clear.

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: A male spiral inside the church starts the whole thing off. You’ll have to excuse our drawing – it was the first time we determined gender for lines and it’s a bit incomplete. Essentially though, the male spiral goes around the building and back into itself.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: There are many more female lines passing through the church. A small female spiral inside (near the male spiral) pushes energy around the left hand side (in the picture above) and back into itself, just like the male spiral energy does. Whilst the male goes all around the church, the female lines take sides, because there’s also a female line going around the right hand side and back into the center too.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): There is a famous alignment ley called the Michael and Mary Line that passes through the centre of this church on Glastonbury Tor,. It aligns with the surrounding ancient sites such as a hillfort, a hilltop, Avebury stone circle, and much beyond that too. The power of this line is easily detected. We suspect the direction of flow may vary with the weather, the strength of the sun and moon, and the time of year, but haven’t tested this yet.

Energy patterns and directions:

We got a series of streaming lines which went around the church and sometimes swirled inside it. There were occasional female and male swirls outside on the hill. An energy line followed the paths down on both sides (long front and steep back).

Energy map of St Michael's tower

We found on our 2009 visit that we were impelled to walk up the slope of the Tor in a zig-zag fashion. We quickly realised that we were both following our own individual labyrinth patterns – the paths that we needed to follow in order that we walked the part of the labyrinth that awoke those particular parts of our consciousness that stimulated certain areas of our brains until we were both in a highly comtemplative meditative state of mind once we had reached the summit. This link has more information about the labyrinth of energies at this site: Glastonbury Tor maze site.

BLOG POST LINK: Read about our visit to this site. This visit was the most enlightening site visit I have ever experienced!  We returned again in 2010 for another energetic pilgrimage, and you can read about that amazing encounter here.