Between the Earth and Stars podcast

You may notice that I’ve added a new podcast to the list in the sidebar? OK – you might not have noticed, but I have done that. I have been listening to Oraia the Sphinx‘s podcast for a few months now and am finally catching up on the many wonderful shows that she puts out regularly. I don’t usually recommend other people’s work so blatantly, but this lady is one of a kind. The podcasts are well-scripted, carefully thought out, full of great content, and exceptionally wise. Oraia divides the podcasts into three parts:- STARS – a section about astrology or astronomy EARTH – a section describing a the properties of a particular crystal or stone MAIN – a section in which she deals with a subject relevant to us druids...

Missing a beat

You may have noticed the lack of podcasts this year on Hedge Druid? There’s a reason for that. In the first half of the year the reason could be put down to a mounting pressure of “work”. Mostly this was spiritual work, and with all the good weather we have had in England this year then the Great Outdoors claimed a large part of my time, and this was reflected in the amount of time-consuming podcast work that I could do. Right, that’s my pathetic excuse out of the way. Now, what about the recent months? I did intend to re-establish the podcast once the weather got worse. It has worsened, but still I don’t feel inclined to get back into the studio to record and edit an hour’s worth of audio. Why not? I think there’s a...

April Podcast released at last!

The April edition of the Hedge Druid podcast is now available from the Podcast page (RSS feeds to follow soon). In this edition we have:- * five new tunes for you, * an extensive review of “The Secret Land” book by Paul Broadhurst, * a list of new books, * information about the Bearded Theory Festival next week, * subtle responses in the Dowsing Corner, * and much much more. Gwas.

March podcast now available

Hi everyone,   This month’s podcast is now available on the Podcast page. This months features the addition of a section discussing how to defend your position with druidry. Let us know what you think –  we’d love to hear from you. Also in this month’s podcast we talk about Kal’s Knight’s Quest, mention where we will be dowsing soon, let you know about an upcoming dowsing course in Cheshire, and there are all the usual features plus some cool new music. Love and gratitude,...

Imbolc 2011 podcast now available

Hi everyone, Keenly awaited it seems, this month’s podcast is now available on the Podcast page. This months features the addition of some royalty-free music, so please let us know (by commenting to this post) what you think of it – do you like it – should it be more this or that -do you want more or less? We’d love to hear from you. Always a pleasure to see that the podcast is being downloaded and enjoyed. We’ll keep them coming if you keep downloading them. Love and gratitude, Gwas.